Belkin F7C016q  Conserve Power Switch

Last week we took a look at a discounted power switch from Belkin set on a timer. This time we have another handy device from Belkin in the same vein, that’s this conserve power switch priced at just $4.99. It’s a slim plug addition which won’t cover any of your other outlets and allows you to cut the power of whatever is plugged in with a flick of the switch. All devices draw electricity whether they are powered on or not, and in most cases that adds to your electric bill so with this handy slot you can shut off a power hungry device like a microwave, box fan, toaster or anything else and shut it off completely when its not in use therefore saving you power. $4.99 is certainly not much to worry about either, so grab it while its still on sale.

Just $4.99.  For those with Amazon Prime is ships for free.  Otherwise get your cart to $25 or you’ll pay about $5 for S&H

Troy Coutu

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