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Dynamic Bicycles Tempo Cross 8 Review


In the world of bicycles, innovations are generally small things – changes in the aerodynamics and the like – so when something as interesting as a “chainless” bicycle comes my way, I’m more than happy to get on board.  While there have been different chainless bikes throughout the ages (heck,...


Win a Pair of V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Headphones (contest)


We’ve been remiss when it comes to posting new contests but we’re back baby, back!  This week you’ve got a chance to win a pair of V-MODA’s Crossfade  M-80 headphones (value $230). The V-MODA M-80 headphones are virtually indestructible, boasting a steel frame, STEELFLEX headband, brushed metal shields, durable microfiber suede and replaceable...

netflix loses starz play

Netflix Loses Starz Play

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Netflix and Starz’s contract expires today, which means all of Starz’s content will be pulled from the top Internet streaming and DVD lending site after February 28th. Starz decided to cut ties with Netflix back in September after a five-year $30-million-a-year contract that was implemented in 2008. The deal provided...


Buick LaCrosse with E-Assist Review


This is not your Grandad’s or even your Father’s Buick.  In fact, the LaCrosse was anything what I expected it to be. It was not only a pleasure to sit behind the wheel and drive, but it ain’t to shabby looking. Sure, it’s not the hippest car on the block,...

Photoshop Touch

Photoshop Touch


Adobe is kicking things up a notch on the iPad 2 with the launch of Photoshop Touch.  It’s a more robust version of the original Photoshop app for the iPad, yet still remains very watered down compared to the Mac or PC version.  That said, it still looks to be...

Silo Food Container

Silo Food Container Automatically Measures


Bake much?  Then you know that flour is a major component in most if not all great confectioner’s treats.  Breaking out the measuring spoons is a task in itself.  You need to ensure you don’t over pour, compact the flour too much and worst yet, if you spill, which you...

Solebox LED Sneakers-1

Reebox Solebox Omni Zone Pump


Self-lacing sneaker – we wish.  Sneakers that measure your workout – cool, but they hardly say “look at me.” Reebox has teamed up with Solebox to produce the Solebox Omni Zone Pump.  No, they won’t count your steps, lace up automatically or help you lead a more fulfilling life – well,...

Almond Router

Securifi Almond Touchscreen WiFi Router


When’s the last time you changed the password on your home’s wireless router?  Heck, do you even know how to do that?  Most people would probably answer “never and no”, respectively of course.  Wireless routers are pretty common place in most homes these days, but often those that own them...

LED snowboarder

LED Snowboarder (video)


[GR]U7nHdo5Bx9g[/GR] The LED surfboard video we peeped a few months ago was noteworthy, but it hardly compares to the LED snowboarder. Filmmaker Jacob Sutton hit the French Alps with pro snowboarder William Hughes and captured him cutting through the powder in a custom made LED suit.  The “bespoke LED suit” was...