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Glif iPhone Tripod Mount


iPhone stands are everywhere you look.  They stand alone, built into cases and into cars.  But at the end of the day most of them are one trick ponies.  Enough was enough, at least that’s what two guys thought and developed the Glif. The Glif, not to be confused with...

Glas.t iPhone Screen Protector

GLAS.t: A Glass iPhone Screen Protector (video)

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The entire iPhone 4s is covered in glass, so why-oh-why would you use one of those horrible screen protectors that is anything but? The GLAS.t screen protector is crafted entirely from tempered glass and won’t scratch, even when held at knife point (or key point if you catch our drift)....

Breville One-Touch Tea Maker

Breville One-Touch Tea Maker


Believe it or not, brewing a cup of tea isn’t as simple as coffee.  That isn’t to say coffee is a straight shoot, but often people over look the complexity of making a cup of tea.  This includes water temperature, brewing times, otherwise known as steeping and perhaps even some...

AppRadio 2

Pioneer AppRadio 2 (video)


Despite the iPhone being on the market for years now, very few cars are deeply integrated with the platform.  The same can be said for Android, though we’re starting to see greater compatibility emerge, such as Ford’s Sync system, thought that requires owning a relatively new car.  Not everyone has that luxury...

Batman Tumbler

Movie Masterpiece Batmobile The Tumbler


“Rise of the Dark Knight,” the latest Batman movie, will release this summer.  And with toy fair coming to a close we weren’t too surprised to see a whole slew of Batman inspired toys.  In fact, we built a whole gallery around them which you can see here.  However, we...

AOC 3D Monitor FINAL

AOC e2352Phz 3D Monitor Review


Monitors are no longer just for computers: they’re now regularly used for video from games consoles or broadcast television signals. But it’s only recently that 3D-enabled monitors have been added to the mix. Thus we get AOC’s 23-inch 3D-enabled display, the e2352Phz, to check out. Physically setting it up is...