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West Coast Chill

West Coast Chill Self Chilling Can (video)


The idea of a self chilling can isn’t exactly new.  In fact, word of an actual beverage manufacturer using such a piece of tech has been circulating for longer than we can remember.  Aside from the technological hurdles, price is a massive deterrent since it could very well increase the cost of...

Wallet Slim Wood

Wood Wallet


Think wallet and you’ll probably conjure up an image of something leather.  Sure, it’s a practical material for such an accessories as it’s very durable and ages well (it looks better as time goes on). But, leather is oh-so boring – at least  in our opinion – since it is...

Super Insulating Foam

Man Tries to Cook Himself with a Blow Torch (video)


[GR]SO7NVC23Stw[/GR] That NeverWetSpray was cool, but odds are it wouldn’t stop you from being set alight.  We don’t know too much about this guy, or his material, but one thing is for sure: his creation is edible yet can protect you from the burn of a blow torch (to say...


Xappr iPhone Gun


Boy how we did love us some Laser Tag.  We’re not talking about those stand alone Laser Tag geek centers.  Nope, we’re referring to the at home game that included a chest mounted sensor and black guns that looked like they were 20 years from the future.  The sensors allowed...


AOC E1649FWU 16″ Portable USB Monitor Review


A laptop screams convenience as an on-the-go device that  fits as comfortably under your arm as it does inside a backpack or carrying case. However, a laptop falls short in the viewing area department –the “real estate” provided by the screen. This creates the dilemma of having to pick and...

Mad Catz MLG Pro Circuit Controller

Mad Catz MLG Pro Circuit Controller Review


There are controllers, and then there are controllers. Today, most of us just use whatever comes with the console, and nothing else. Microsoft or Sony did a tremendous job with their gamepads, but it has taken 3rd parties too long to match or better that quality. They just haven’t been...

Creative HN-900

Creative’s HN-900 Noise-Canceling Headphones cost just $99


The average price for a pair of top end noise cancelling headphones is generally $300+.  Not an easy pill to swallow if you’re listening on a $200 device.  So what’s one to do on a budget yet yearns for the active noise cancellation?  Creative’s HN-900 Noise-Canceling Headphones, what else? To be...

Philips AS111 Android Dock

Philips AS111 Android Dock Review

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Android docks are finally coming into their own in a big way. As someone who has a love/hate relationship with alarm clocks (doesn’t everybody?), a dock that can double as an alarm clock, completely controlled by the phone…that’s the future. The phone is the center of our world, and everything...