Sipping on a hot coffee will heat your body internally, but who would’ve thought that wearing it could have the same effect.

Virus, a California based clothing company, uses the left overs from coffee production, otherwise known as Coffee Char, or coffee charcoal to manufacture their clothing.  That’s right, they repurpose the coffee remnants to produce base layer clothing.  And get this, it purportedly can trap body heat providing up to 10 degrees of added warmth.  And to complete the trifecta of awesomeness – so far they’ve scored with eco and utility – their clothing is extremely efficient at wicking away moisture, stopping the fabric from getting that good old stink your t-shirts have long sustained after a long jog or power lifting session.

Unlike many items we feature on this site, these are available now directly from Virus’ website.  They start at $31, which will get you a pair of their boxers and top out at $61 for Sleeveless top.

Source | Via: Gizmag

Christen Costa

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