There are scores of iPhone case. There are plastic ones, rubber ones, metal ones, carbon ones – and the list goes on and on and on. However, few of them do more than protect the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s’ fragile glass body from drops, scratches and the drunken folly. And while that’s more than adequate for most of Apple’s devoted customers, it just doesn’t get our engine revving.

Enter the Trexta Rotating Folio for the iPhone 4. Much like Hex’s version, this one includes a set of slots for credit cards and a protective leather finish that wraps the iPhone while it’s held in place by a plastic mount. But instead of 3 slots, the Trexta Rotating Folio only supports two cards, though you can easily stack two cards in one slot if need be. And unlike HEX’s version, this case’s plastic mount can rotate 90 degrees and be propped into a stand using the tab, which doubles to keep the case securely closed. This conveniently allows you to lay your phone down on a table and view it a comfortable 45 degree angle. Great for an airplane tray table or perhaps just viewing a quick YouTube video with a group of friends.

All the ports on the Trexta Rotating Folio case remain unhindered, opened or closed. And just like Hex’s version, the case suffers a bit from a bulky look when closed due to credit cards inserted into the slots. Of course this can be elevated by using the wallet sans cards, but this defeats the purpose of the case, unless of course you’re just seeking a wallet like look for your iPhone.

When I tested out Hex’s version, I discovered that after semi heavy use the fold, or hinge of the case was warped and stained, creating a some what unsightly finish. However, the Trexta Rotating Folio doesn’t seem to suffer from this shortcoming, though to Hex’s credit I did test a lighter colored leather, which by its very nature shows more wear and discoloration. In fact, over use it doesn’t seem to wear that much at all, maintaining that fresh new wallet look, which for some is an added benefit, while for those that seek that more rustic worn look may want to, well, look else where.

In terms of every day use the Trexta Rotating Folio is very practical, provided you don’t need more than a few cards with you at any given time. I can generally get by with one credit card and an ID, at least when I’m going out with friends for dinner and a few drink. But for those of you that need to carry an insurance ID card, debit card, credit card and ID, you’ll be a bit hard pressed to make this work for your needs. Furthermore, there is no official slot for cash, though you can just as easily wedge money between the iPhone and the case’s cover, though you’ll have to be anything but a germafobe to be comfortable with this notion, along with the possibility of losing your cash when openint your wallet.

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Bottom Line:
3.0/ 5.0
The Folio case is most certainly the gentlemen’s iPhone case, it just might come up short in the storage department, making it a part time player.

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Rating: ★★★☆☆



  • Includes a rotating case and built-in stand
  • Leather doesn’t wear easily


  • Leather may never get that “worn” look
  • Only stores two cards
You can grab one in black or brown from Amazon for $39.95.
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