Aerating your wine is the key to a successful, full flavored glass of Cab, Merlot, Malbec or really any red wine.  The Vinturi Aerator, while not the first of its type, is probably the most popular.  In fact, it’s so popular, and striking to many people, we continue to see a many a blog post about the product despite the fact it’s been on the market for years now.  But seriously, who has the patience to pour their wine through an apparatus to enhance flavor?

The Trevi Aerating Wine Glass is an all-in-one affair.  Inside the glass sits another, smaller glass that swirls your wine and includes nine aeration spouts that is something analogous to that of a Roman fountain.  So now you can ditch the decanters and just score one of these.  That is assuming you’re willing to suck up the price, which is an astounding $21.95 per glass – the price drops as you buy more of them.

Source | Via: OhGizmo

Christen Costa

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