Sony has revamped and modernized its classic Walkman with the new Z Player powered by Android that’s designed for music lovers. Stylish hardware meets outstanding audio to result in what Sony claims will be the “ultimate mobile entertainment experience.” As the first MP3 player from Sony to be powered by Android 2.3, users can easily access the Android market with its built-in WiFi, browse the Internet, check e-mail and more. Sony’s Entertainment Network’s cloud-based Music Unlimited Service(via subscription) offers more than 10 million songs. The Walkman Z player also offers easy transfer from iTunes for Windows or Windows Media Player.

With its anti-reflective 4.3-inch multi-touch LCD touch screen users can enjoy music, vido and games on a large screen. The Walkman Z Player features the integrated S-Master MX digital amplifier to greatly reduce noise levels and distortion along with additional audio technologies to create an enriched music experience.

SenseMe technology allows users to play music that complements their mood as users keep their music in tune with their mood by automatically categorizing music tracks into different channels. Sony will offer three different models based on storage capacity with the 8G Z Series going for $249.99, the 16G for about $279.99 and the 32G for about $329.99. All three will be available for purchase this Spring.

Kristie Bertucci

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