Don’t hold your breath for this scooter come backpack.  Why?  Because it’s currently only in the design/concept phase.  However, there is a good chance that it will become reality, since it does offer some utility in this chaotic, gotta be on time world.

The pics are pretty self explanatory.  As you can see the backpack is integrated directly into the scooter.  Or is the scooter integrated into the backpack?  Either way, when you’re ready to board a train, plane or moving machine, you can just just fold it up and strap it to your back.   Keep in mind you can also tote along all your goodies inside the bag, which has a few extra pockets as well as a fender, which should help to clear zombies (or people) out of the way as you cruise to your next destination.

Unfortunately, there is one flaw in the design.  Once the board has been folded down, you know, the thing you stand on, you’ll have to manually attach the wheel.  But on the a positive note, the wheels are big and bold, meaning you can cover a greater variety of terrain without all the discomfort associated with those rollerblade wheels.

Source | Via: Gizmodo

Christen Costa

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