S3 Arctic 1 Watt Laser Review

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9 Comments to S3 Arctic 1 Watt Laser Review

  1. Great review.  I got my Arctic S 3 last week and I love it.  I was so impressed with the quality and with how much fun I have been having with it that I decided to order the “Big Boy”, the 1 watt Krypton for $1000.00, a lot of cash for sure, but totally cool inventions.  They can be dangerous for sure, but so can a hammer.  Shipping was great for me, 8 days and it was at my door. 

  2. I ordered one today, they look pretty cool.  I wonder if they will get banned in the future, these things can be very dangerous.  It is like a weapon, really.  Great review.  I have read a few complaints about the reliability of  the Wicked Laser Artic S3, could be true, could be false.  I am looking forward to getting mine. 

  3. “quite the eye turner.” More like “quite the eye burner,” am I right? :-B My S3 arrives this week. I bought the lens kit at your recommendation.

  4. Hahahaaha. What an idiot, this guy is joking about pointing the laser at his friends skin. In the website it states mild exposure to the skin could cause cancer. Way to go.

  5. Albin Lennstrand

    Awesome review. I own one of these Monsters myself and an S3 Krypton. maybe your next purchase will be the krypton 1Watt? :P 

  6. Joycefmullins56

    Not shopping at K=Mart, huh?  Did you hear about all the college degrees people that had to work at McDonalds?  Great.

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