Peak PKC0RG Small Rearview Mirror with 3.5-Inch Backup Camera

Today we have a new but very interesting gadget to show off. Especially at it’s reduced pricepoint via Amazon (Over 50% off). From Peak we have a camera display that can be placed over your vehicle’s rearview mirror and provide a quick view of what’s going on right behind you. The actual camera mounts onto your license plate while the transmitter is housed in your trunk, so while viewing what’s going on behind you you’re also greeted with what’s going on ground level, so you know not to hit something.. Like the family pet for instance. The purpose of course is to prevent such strategies and increase the safety of parking, or backing up your vehicle in general. It’s a great tool for any driver, but especially makes it different with large trucks or semis which have a difficulty in that visibility area by default.

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Troy Coutu

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