Nikon’s new $6000 D4 is being labeled as a one powerful lightstalker thanks to its numerous specs. It sports a new 16.2-megapixel full-format CMOS sensor that has 7.3-micron pixels and shoots up to ISO 204,800. But it’s also packed with a 91k pixel 3D color matrix meter and 51-point AF tracking system that also keeps its orientation when you change from landscape to portrait. The AF also features -2EV, which is a full stop slower than the D3S.

One of the most important upgrades is the D4’s video powers, as it shoots in 1080p at 30 or 24fps (or 720p at 60fps) BUT now uses B-Frame data compression, allowing users to record h.264 clips for up to 20 minutes continuously. It can also provide uncompressed HD output through its HDMI port, as well as allows silent adjustment while shooting via its remote shutter operation for video recording and power aperture. Ergonomics and usability also improved, making it easier to capture your subjects. Nikon also made its new D4 feel a lot lighter even though it has the magnesium alloy chassis build.

Kristie Bertucci

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