With this year’s CES come and gone, we as consumers were bombarded with announcement after announcement of new and exciting tech.  For the most part, we’re now left waiting for a lot of these new marvels to come out into the marketplace, but some of the “good stuff” is already here.  The MiLi Power Shine is an example of something good and useful that got shown, and released, during CES this year, and I had the pleasure of getting my hands on one for testing.  While we’re seen different products from MiLi on this site in the past (iPhone Battery pack and HD iOS Dock), this is the first that I’ve personally been able to work with – guess I just got lucky this time.

In a nutshell, the MiLi Power Shine is a portable battery that allows you to charge up to two different devices at once.  I know it sounds simple, and in reality it is – but this device has become a permanent part of my travel pack that I take with me every time I leave the house.  I have constantly had issues with my iPhone or tablet going dead on me, and usually have to bring each of their respective chargers (along with having to hope that there’s a free outlet wherever I’m going).  This little beauty negates all of that hassle, and it does it while being smaller and lighter than my iPhone itself.

MiLi products are – at least from what I’ve seen – almost always aesthetically pleasing, and the Power Shine is no different.  If a person wouldn’t know better, they may even be inclined to think it was a smartphone itself; at least while there were no wires connected to it.  With it’s two tone matter and gloss black finish combined with it’s sleek and rounded corners, the Power Shine doesn’t have anything about it that screams “look at me!:, and I think that’s one of the reasons I like it so much – it’s small and unassuming, but delivers big results.

This is all in part of its lithium-polymer battery, that has a 4000 mAh capacity.  In my experience, that’s enough juice to charge an iPhone three times, or an iPhone one and a half times a single Galaxy Tab 10.1 charge (they were both dead).  The MiLi Power Shine itself only takes about an hour to charge when it is depleted, and it charges through a 5V/1A Micro-USB input.  That means you don’t actually have to plug it in to a wall to charge, but you can leech off of any open USB spot you may find out there (like on a library computer), which really increases it’s versatility.  There are a ton of micro solar charges out there as well (like the Solio Bolt) that output power through USB, which means if you couple the Power Shine with one of those you’ll always be ready for a power outage.

I do with there was some sort of “sliding door” on the end that houses the USB connections, because after being in my pocket for a whole day, I’ve had to pick lint out of the holes.  It’s not a glorious thing to do, and I really think that issue could have been addressed without affecting the overall cost.  Another very small change I would make, would be to include some non-slip “feet” on the MiLi Power Shine – even the tiny discs that some other things use would have been perfect, then you wouldn’t have to worry about it slipping around if you’re using it in the car.  Even without those two things though, the MiLi Power Shine is a truly solid piece of hardware.

Oh I almost forgot, the Mili Power Shine has a single small button on it – this button starts the charging of devices if held down for a second, or if just pushed and released it causes the Power Shine to show you how much batter power it has left.  Like a lot of other pieces of tech coming on the market, the Power Shine uses a “four LED” system to show the charge level it currently has.  These four blue lights are located next to the power button, and do the job adequately of letting you know when you’re going to have to charge the Power Shine itself, and stop charging other things.

Editor’s Rating:

Rating: ★★★★½


The Bottom Line:  Once you are able to use the MiLi Power Shine for any amount of time, it’s very hard to try and go back to not using it – especially if you’re in a line of work that causes the batteries on your mobile devices to die at an absurd rate.


  • The MiLi Power Shine has a very nice form factor, and it matches up with any other gadget or gizmo that may be in your pocket (or purse, book bag, backpack, etc)
  • With its ability to charge two things at once, you can take care of a phone and a tablet, or just share a charge with another needy soul (pay it forward people)
  • It measures 118 mm X 58 mm X 16.5 mm – or in more common terms, smaller than your average smartphone – which makes it easy to take with you everywhere


  • You have to watch out if it’s in your pocket for an extended time (or I’d imagine this could happen if you carry it in anything else as well), because there’s no way to close off the ports resulting in dirt getting in them
  • The MiLi Power Shine is kind of slippery despite its matte finish – this is especially apparent when trying to use it in a vehicle and it slides under your seat (and it pulls your phone with it)
  • Just a nit pick here, but it would be great if they had other colors to choose from (not everyone has a black phone anymore)

You can grab yourself a MiLi Power Shine right off of their web site for $79.99 – and when you consider how much some “extended” batteries are, that’s not too shabby at all.