Sound techs are no longer confined to the sound booth when working live shows thanks to Mackie’s DL1608 iPad controlled mixer that combines the power of a full-featured digital mixer with the mobility of an iPad. Mackie’s compact mixers are used in recording studios everywhere and the 16-channel DL1608 features all the controls you’d find on regular compact mixers thanks to its Master Fader app that provides groundbreaking DAW mixing features and functionality to the live environment. Engineers can easily wander the venue and still adjust and fine-tune the mix from anywhere in the concert.

The Master Fader app comes with multiple screens that provides fader control, EQ and compression and gate setting, as well as access to reverb and delay effects. Users can save mix snapshots and recall them with a simple touch. If the mixer is part of a permanent installation, the iPad can be locked down, but it also has a wireless connection, allowing engineers to undock it and adjust mixes on the go. It can also support up to iPads at the same time, allowing multiple engineers to control the mix at once. Featuring a modern, sleek design, the Mackie iPad controlled mixer will become available in May or June and be priced at around $1,000.

Kristie Bertucci

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