Ferrari enthusiasts and audiophiles will appreciate Logic3’s new collaboration with the luxury automotive company that features some premium headphones that embodies the design, technology and luxury of the famed Italian automaker. The Scuderia Ferrari Collection takes design cues from the sleek racing lines and iconic chassis features that make Ferrari cars so instantly recognizable and globally adored.

The collection features two noise cancelling models in the: the R300 over-ear headphones, which include active noise cancelling (ANC) technology and the R200 on-ear headphones. Both models feature the exclusive Scuderia Ferrari badge and offer high-quality audio coupled with superior comfort. They will be available beginning this April, with prices starting at $250 for the R200 and $350 for the R300 model.

Both models have ear pads are made from enhanced breathable materials and has an ergonomic 2-way folding design and can easily be stored away in a matching carrying case that’s trimmed in carbon fiber textures. They also include a high efficiency 40mm driver incorporated into a close-back design with ANC Technology, which seals the ear pads to prevent loss of music dynamics and reduces unwanted nose.

Kristie Bertucci

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