The Star Wars brand will echo into eternity. Ok, it might be an exaggeration, but the brand is iconic and to this day could sell ice to eskimos. Unfortunately, the Star Wars video games, at least of recent on the latest generation of consoles has been lack luster. Hopefully that will now change as Lucasarts has finally announced the release date of Kinect Star Wars.

This game will incorporate Microsoft’s Kinect camera allowing gamers to finally fully emerse themselves in Jedi action without a controller. Players will be able to slice and dice their foes by cutting the air with a would be sword as well as move objects utilizing the “force” just by raising their hands in front of them.

Based on the demo video above, it looks like the game runs on a wire system, which means once you defeat an enemy you’ll automatically walk to your next destination, where upon you might be faced with a “force” task or jump that can be achieved by performing the correct hand or body gesture. At the end of the day it’s probably not the Star Wars game for the hardcore fan, but it should provide some much needed fun for those looking to blow the dust off their Kinect.

Kinect Star Wars will release December 31st, 2012 and is currently available for preorder from Amazon for $50.

Since that date is so far away, we’re half expecting the game to change as well as the release date (it doesn’t make sense to release it after Xmas).

Christen Costa

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