Multifunctional furniture provides space saving solutions, but the fusiontable by Aramith offers that and fun since it functions as a pool table that doubles as a dining room table/conference desk. The fusiontable would make a great addition to your gaming room, kitchen or even office given its double identity as a billiards table.

With measurements of 53″ x 91″ (standing 30”), the table is big enough for six friends to enjoy a friendly game of pool and is customizable in a variety of colors and materials so it will match any décor. The table comes in five different wood finishes and 12 cloth options and includes matching Fusion Bench and Fusion Stool that’s available in Light Cream or Dark Brown.

The pool table hides underneath the thin 4.5″ table top and unlike traditional pool tables that require leveling three separate slate pieces and stretching felt to create the base surface, this one uses one single piece of solid slate covered in Velocity PRO cloth that matches the pre-fitted rails. Specialized Ball-Slides allow balls to be stored above the pockets, so that everything is kept on the table when not in use. Installing the fusiontable is easy with its auto-lock and auto-leveling features, while pool enthusiasts can also opt for a spring assisted Easy-Lift system that allows  table to rise from the standard 30” dining height to the optimal 33” playing height (for more money, of course).

But function and fun is not going to come cheap…the fusiontable starts at $6,795 and goes up depending on how you customize it.

Kristie Bertucci

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