Eton released the newest addition to product line with its Ruckus Solar Bluetooth portable solar-powered sound system that recharges its batteries with sunlight. The portable speaker system allows users to stream music from any Bluetooth-enable device, so you can take it anywhere you go. Given its solar-powered charging capabilities, the Ruckus makes a great outdoor speaker you’ll want to have when summer hits since you’ll never have to plug it in to charge. You won’t be the only one soaking up some rays with this speaker around.

Its 40-inch-square high efficiency monocrystal solar panel can recharge the internal lithium battery from zero to full in about six hours and if no light is available, the new Ruckus Solar Bluetooth portable solar-powered sound system can also be powered and charged via the provided AC adapter. But that’s not all it can do! It comes with an integrated USB that allows you to keep your smartphone (or any other device) fully charged on the go, too.

It’s also equipped with an E Ink display that’s totally readable in direct sunlight, saves battery power and is virtually indestructible (according to Eton). The Rukus also has two full-range speaker drivers, delivering booming lows and crystal-clear highs. Eton will release the Ruckus Solar is a Bluetooth speaker system around April and will cost about $150.

Kristie Bertucci

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