It seems Apple has a lot more in store of its magnetic MagSafe connectors the company uses on its MacBook laptops, reveals an AppleInsider article. First introduced in 2006 and now a signature design element for all of Apple’s notebooks, the magnetic connector isn’t just beneficial for Apple’s iconic design elements, but lasts longer than using cable and port combinations with male and female connectors that can wear down with time. According to the article, Apple is working on new ways to use MagSafe connectors across several of its products, including the iPad and more.

An example of one new patent by Apple reveals that the connector might replace their 30-pin dock connector. Connections would be made as they are now, but the magnets would be coded with info that would be transmitted when the magnets are connected with one another, allowing different accessories to use a single connector port on a variety of Apple products. So the new cables would act as a universal port that would detect the coded magnet and its info then reconfigure itself accordingly.

But that’s not all since Apple’s patent also involves a new stylus technology for the iPad that would include coded magnets around the tip of the device and allow it to be placed in a doc connected to the iPad (or iPhone, etc) to exchange data. This is all in conjunction to its regular function as a standard stylus pen. All this info on the possibilities and expansion of magnetic MagSafe connectors was first filed in July 2011 and there’s no concrete plans or word from Apple if these ideas will become a reality.

Kristie Bertucci

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