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JHAudio JH|5 Custom Fit Earbuds (yes, those are earbuds)

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Custom fit headphones, as in ones that are molded to your ears, usually cost well north of $500.  Not any more.  JHAudio now offers a pair of custom molded headphones for a hair under $400 ($399 to be exact).  When you consider the price and customization it’s actually is a...

Eclipse Super Yacht

Eclipse Super Yacht is the Worlds Largest at 538′, Includes 6-foot Screens in Every Room


In our time we’ve seen some grandiose boats. And by boats we mean yachts, otherwise known as “stink pots” – the name is presumably derived from the grotesque amount of fuel they burn.  But nothing, at least to date, compares to the M/Y Eclipse.  This beast measures 538-feet long and was built for Roman Abramovich. The...

Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock Back

Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock


These days, having a laptop and a desktop computer is overkill.  Why so?  The laptops of today, especially the Macbook Pros, are powerful enough that there really isn’t a feat it can’t perform; video editing, number crunching and graphics rendering.  That said, a larger screen never hurts or does a...


iPhone 4S vs. Playstation Vita (comparison)


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that comparisons between the iPhone and Playstation Vita were abound, even though they are very different devices. The iPhone, obviously a phone, and the Vita, obviously not a phone, still carry a lot of the same characteristics. And for better or worse, even game...

Plantronics Marque M155

Plantronics Marque M155 Review


I hate Bluetooth headsets. They all have two problems: they’re uncomfortable and battery life sucks. Considering that making phone calls more comfortable is the whole point of a wireless headset, Bluetooth sets are generally garbage. But recently I’ve seen a positive change, thanks mostly to two recent headsets. One of...