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Altec Lansing iMT630 Review

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What’s it gonna take to get everyone board with an iPhone? I ponder this question and then I get a shiver of fear wavering through my body as imagine a hoard of drones wandering the Earth in need of a 30-pin dock to charge their handset. That said, thank god...

LEGOman in space

Canadian Teenagers Send LEGO-naut Into Space (video)


Teens these days are finding interesting ways to occupy their time. Two 17-year-old Canadian teens use a home-stitched parachute and some equipment they found on Craigslist to send a LEGO man 80,000-feet into the air. Two weeks ago, Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad attached the small LEGO plastic figurine sporting...

HTC Titan_II

HTC Titan II Coming March 18th to AT&T

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Okay, so Android and iOS just don’t fulfill your needs when it comes to a smartphone.  So what’s a tech aspiring, smartphone shopper to do?  If you so dare, you could opt for a Windows phones.  Microsoft has made great strides since previous iterations, and while we’d steer clear of...

Interactive Painting

Interactive Painting Sports Flying Fruit (video)


Paintings by their very nature are fixed.  And by fixed we mean they’ll never change in terms of composition.  Some just can’t live with that idea and that’s perhaps what motivated Scott Garner to build this moving painting. He started by dressing a standard LCD TV with a custom wooden...

Wazuma V8

Wazuma V8: World’s Fastest Quad Bike (video)


In our humble opinion the T-Rex is still the car come motorcycle to own.  It offers unparalleled speeds, agility and all together fun.  After all, it’s basically a motorcycle minus all the danger.  But, arguably half the fun is rooted in risk and hence why this quad bike is stomach churning attractive....


iMainGo X Review

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Here at GadgetReview, we’re no strangers to testing out some crazy portable speakers.  I think just about everyone on staff has worked with at least one, and there’s more and more coming out all the time.  Sometimes you get something that sounds like it’s being played through a cardboard box,...