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Retrolink NES Controller

Retrolink USB NES Controller Review

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It’s been roughly 25 years since the last time I can say with certainty that I’ve held a brand new Nintendo Entertainment System controller. The last time I held one was a couple of days ago, playing old games with my controllers so worn down that certain buttons don’t work...


Bracketron Portable Vampire Free Chargers


Even though our gadgets are fully charged, they’ll often continue to draw power.  This is not only a tax on your power bill, but isn’t environmentally friendly.  The resolve?  Score yourself a power strip that eliminates this shortcoming.   However, a power strip is hardly practical if you’re on the...

fusion tables

Fusiontables by Aramith Offer Multifunctional Fun


Multifunctional furniture provides space saving solutions, but the fusiontable by Aramith offers that and fun since it functions as a pool table that doubles as a dining room table/conference desk. The fusiontable would make a great addition to your gaming room, kitchen or even office given its double identity as...

action figure of steve jobs

Steve Jobs Realistic Action Figure by In Icons


Die hard Apple fans will definitely want to get their hands on the newest Steve Jobs action figure available from Chinese toy company In Icons. Very realistic looking (down to the trademark turtleneck and glasses of Jobs), the toy company plans on selling the Jobs action figure starting next month...

Batman Fan

Batman Fan


There is no shortage of Batman gear. Case in point, there is the Batman laptop sleeve, Batman Dark Knight Motorcycle suit, Batman video games, the Batman Keychain, a variety of replica Batmobiles, the Batman money clip, Batman hoodie and of course a variety of Batman toys.  Adding to the mix...


Soundfreaq Sound Kick


While the battle for smartphone supremacy has pretty much concluded with Android and iOS taking the spoils, their is still a fair bit of competition in the portable Bluetooth speaker department.  Adding to the mix today is Soundfreaq, with the introduction of the Sound Kick. The 1.6-inch thick speaker appears...

Roku streaming stick

Roku Streaming Stick


To Smart TV or not to Smart TV, that is the question.  Or at least that was the question on consumers’ minds this holiday when many a retailer slashed pricing on just about every big screen TV under the sun.  Well folks, Roku is looking to negate that part of...