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If you’re like the rest of the world, you’ve got your SNES and Genesis games stored deep away in the caverns of your basement.  Once a year you unearth them, stick them in their appropriate slot and quickly discover (again) that your console of choice barely works.  No more, provided...

Filmon Air

FilmOn Air


Terrestrial TV is a far cry from cable, but in a pinch it can serve a purpose.  At the very least you can catch some news, albeit mostly crap, along with a few home renovation shows.  And assuming you’re into that finite amount of content, you soon will be able...

Beanie MP3 Player

Beanie MP3 Player Needs no Wires


If the pictures are to be believed, this $30 beanie might be the best deal around town to keep your ears and noggin toasty warm this winter.  Don’t believe us?  Then consider that it doubles as an MP3 player.  But not just any MP3 player.  Lined inside this winter cap is a...

DV300F_Front with Image

Samsung DualView DV300F Camera


Samsung’s Dualview cameras have been lurking around the point and shoot block for sometime now.  They incorporate two LCDs screens; one on the front and one on the back.  A rear LCD is nothing new, but the front LCD screen allows you to frame up self portraits, keep a watchful...


Meet Christopher Nix

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I know this isn’t really a “gadget” post, or even a “review”, but I made a New Year’s resolution to do more editorials, and more “human interest” pieces – so why not make my first story of the year be something in that vein?  This story started writing itself on...