Toshiba Thrive Review

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Toshiba Thrive
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21 Comments to Toshiba Thrive Review

  1. I’m thinking about buying one today? This kinda put me off but Oslo of the comments are good? Should I get it?

  2. This is what you can do with a Thrive and not with an Ipad.
    Copy and paste folders, movies, pics, create new or delete folders, it seen as hard drive on your PC. There is no need an external program like ITunes.
    It has an excellent internal file manager with copy, paste and move.
    You can attach a file to email.
    It plays every video format including MOV
    It has an SD card slot.
    Full HDMI connector.
    USB sticks are mounted, i tried my USB drive, 360GB without a problem, the only flaw is that you have to format the drive to Xfat,
    Removable battery.
    The IPad is a great device but is limited, great for surfing web sites games, pictures.
    I use my Thrive as a replacement for my net book with an external keyboard, USB or blue tooth.

  3. Booooooo androids rule just because of the freedom not like the ipad which tells you what you can have to download

  4. Could he be any more obvious of an ipad fanboy ipad users don’t like the android tablets because they have to figure out what to out on it where as apple limits what u can install to many options tends to infuriate ignorant and biased people

  5. I have had this for about 4 months. It is fantastic. James who reviewed this, just doesn’t get it. Go play with your I pad, or the rest, See what kind of connectivity,you get. This is just what you need. Can’t wait for ice cream to hit this baby. Picture is beautiful. The only thing
    I agree with is that the speakers could use a little upgrade. Other than that outstanding.  

  6. This miserable, ignorant, negative, and usless review of a fine product makes me very angry.
    The writer clearly is not interested in the Toshiba Thrive…. Cut and Paste review!!!

  7. Debbie Smith

    Don’t buy the Toshiba Thrive!  In less than 2 months the screen cracked from normal use.  Seems to be a design flaw, crack started from under the chrome piece around the camera.  Warranty does not cover cracked screens at all.  We now have a $400 paper weight.  Other reviews online show cracks in the same place but Toshiba will not admit to any design flaws.  The tablet can be repaired at their cost at our expense!  I think NOT!

    • I have had my thrive for 6 months and use it primarily for work and am not babying it but for the life of it can’t figure out how you cracked the screen under “normal use” as for the other reviews statement Google search your issue that problem does not make the list as a manufactures flaw by the way what tablet company will warranty a screen that you broke……
      None. Apple won’t go ask all the iPhone users

      • Kawasakiguy

         Believe it!! I just bought a new Thrive less than a month ago and last night i picked it off the coffee table (4 fingers under the bottom and thumb on the glass) while walking to my bedroom i heard a crack sound. When i got to my my bedroom i put the thrive on the bed and was shocked that the damn glass was cracked!!! YES.. CRACKED from just that!! I read the reviews on the forums regarding cracked screens and thought for the most part.. it was a fluke or bad luck to those affected, but now i am a believer… TOSHIBA HAS A DESIGN FLAW WITH THESE SCREENS. THEY SHOULDN’T CRACK FROM NORMAL USE!!!

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  9. Gidgiddonihah

    Uh, your article is filled with technical/logical errors (And then a few personal issues of mine lol):
    1.) The Thrive never shipped with anything lower than 3.1
    2.) The Thrive’s speakers are not ‘mono’ (single channel) but are in fact stereo (dual channels/speakers).  My dad is an audiophile (buys 500$ headphones, etc) and says that while the audio from the two Thrives we own don’t sound spectacular, they sound pretty good for a mobile device.  The iPad’s speakers are only mono, just to point that out.
    3.)”Boot time to the screen is about average – as it has to run through a tedious flash animation while it loads the Android OS.” You can say the same thing about the iPad (which you are an obvious fanboy of) where you sit and watch the (static) Apple logo while it boots. 
    4.) Are you complaining about having to ‘move the lock’? The iPad forces you to swipe to unlock it, and you can’t disable it to my knowledge.  Honeycomb allows you to do this.
    5.) You do not have to go into settings to uninstall an app.  You go to Market—>My Apps—>App you want to install—->Uninstall.  Takes an extra 8 seconds, if that.  Not to mention you can install apps onto the device from your computer.
    6.) I’ve used the flash feature, and its awesome.  Plays 720p even, and if you don’t like the speakers (which are STEREO, not mono) then use a pair of headphones.

    The Thrive is an excellent piece of technology with some minor quirks, most of which can be fixed with software updates (*Ahem*ICS*Ahem*).  The only problems with the actual device I have is the power button and volume buttons.  They seem a little mushy and the volume buttons are reversed which can be a little confusing at first.  Android seems to have some quirks, but nothing that interferes or detracts from the experience.  An occasional force close happens, but its the developers fault, not Toshiba’s or Google’s, and there are a few performance hiccups (Google’s fault on that one for putting all of the graphics rendering on the CPU which is fixed in ICS).  Just to make things clear, I’m not a fanboy and have owned Apple, Microsoft, Toshiba, Samsung, etc etc devices (You all get the picture so I’m speaking from an unbiased point of view :).  

  10. I loaded the Advanced Task Killer app and my battery lasts all day, by bedtime I am about 33%. This is with me streaming netflix for my lunch hour.

    • The fact that you still need to download a TASK KILLER app speaks volume about how lousy Android is about managing resources. :/

      • Gidgiddonihah

        Yes, one of the things i forgot to address in my previous comment.  The task killer in Android stinks as its buried in the settings menu.  But a quick download fixes that.  Android handles processes very well actually, especially considering its an OS on top of an OS.

  11. Christopher Wyckoff

    You would expect the writer to at least attempt some simblance of acuracy.  To put it bluntly the Thive has never had less than Android 3.1 it has stereo speakers “Mono by Definition means one”
    I bought my wife an Ipad as it is simple easy to use and it is what she asked for, however I own a thrive.  I am certain that by the looks of the home screen that has all those icons on it that an equal amount of apps is running at the same time, and yes the Thrive will run them all at the same time, where as the Ipad has no true multitasking capabilities.  I would reccomend you take this down as it seems you are no more informed than Morris Clayborn at Foxnews. I love Fox news by the way.  

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