For a while there we thought that Bamboo Glass Water Bottle was the ultimate in drinking portability.  Boy were we wrong.

That isn’t to say that Aquaovo’s Therm-o Terra bottle is any better, it just might be setting a new standard when it comes to aesthetics. Like its competitor it too is made from food grade glass that is BPA and lead free, all but insuring a contaminant free drinking experience (who knows what you’ll put in your bottle).  It boasts a dual glass enclosure which means that your beverages will stay hotter or colder for longer (presumably that layer of air acts as an insulator) and also means that the bottle will never be more than room temperature to the touch.  And while it can only store 8oz of liquid, half that of the Bamboo Glass Bottle, it does include a removable stainless steel tea strainer and silicone splash guard.

Sold?  We are.  You can grab one for $27.

Update: Looks like they sell a 17oz version for a few more bucks, though it doesn’t boast the same curved interior wall.

Source | Via: Werd

Christen Costa

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