Scanomat Top Brewer Coffee Machine can be Controlled with an iPhone

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Scanomat Top Brewer
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1 Comment to Scanomat Top Brewer Coffee Machine can be Controlled with an iPhone

  1. They recently installed one at my work office place, now if you’re considering doing this yourself. DO NOT AT ANY COST!!!

    This thing is not worth the materials it’s made with… failure rate is literally 40-50%. The thing breaks down at least 3 times a week.

    The machine requires almost a full time staff member just to maintain it so that people can get the most basic use out of it.

    The quality of drinks is medium to poor, without constant maintenance the coffee starts to taste like dirty sewer water

    What’s more is not only was it around 15,000 to install. It is costing the building £10,000 per in coffee costs, as you cannot put any other type of coffee into the system and instead are forced through scanomats outrageous prices. The costs of running this thing are so high, they’ve had to increase the building rent to pay for this monstrosity.


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