Remembering GALAXIES Forgotten: A Tribute to Star Wars: Galaxies

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10 Comments to Remembering GALAXIES Forgotten: A Tribute to Star Wars: Galaxies

  1. SWGEmu is definitely playable – crafting, combat and exploration all work – and housing and factories are being debugged on the test server as I write this.

    As far as originals go, yes, you should have the original discs, but you never know your luck in the big city if you try and use a virtual CD drive with a copy of them

  2. SWG really had alot to offer. For me its the sights and sounds of gaming world that draws me in and SWG really clicked for me in that regard. I will never forget cruising across Lok on my speeder, listening to the cool musics and jumping off the bike to battle pirates. And lets not forget the Kimogila. It gives me an empty feeling to know that SWG is shutdown even though I had not been there since about 2008. I did intend to return one day. Heres to a truely massive mmo. Kanpai!

  3. I really enjoyed swg, especially Pre-CU. I will always be fond of this game, it was my first computer game and to this day nothing I ever played has compared to it. Although, I am trying out SWTOR, I still remisnice about my times in SWG. Thank you for this article!

  4. Be sure to look for my thoughts on The Old Republic soon, but I’ll say this now – I miss the vastness of Galaxies

  5. Ahhh.. how I loved SWG pre-combat update.. I remember being a sniper/tamer with my beetle fighting things that normally would have gotten my ass killed.. 

    I remembered our guild taking on the dragons in the desert and watching them teleport hundreds of meters to hit for insane damage.. I remember taking on Tusken raiders and ST-ST’s. I remember our player run town with space port and other buildings.. SO MUCH FUN! and I remember my ship.. and flying thru the galaxy my own way. 

    I will miss you SWG.. 

  6. Thanks for this article.  I used to play Galaxies, and some of my most fond memories of the game were the simple activities within.

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