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Knuckle Meat Pounder

Brass Knuckle Meat Tenderizer


Pounding faces is a good thing if you’re in the UFC, but not so good if you’re looking to unload some pent up aggression.  Odds are you’ll break your fist and in turn find yourself more frustrated with a useless hand for a few months. However, if the tendency to...

Vader Log Book

Darth Vader Log Book (video)


Generally speaking, the last thing we have any interest in promoting are books.  Unless of course it’s a book focused on geekery.  And nothing probably says nerd, as in Star Wars nerd, as this Darth Vader 3D Reconstruction Log. [GR]YECZ1cBPcgQ[/GR] No, it’s not an account of Vader’s day to day...


iNuke: An 8 Foot Wide Speaker Dock


We’re not too prone to exaggeration, but it seems like everyone and their mother has an iPod dock of some sort these days. But nothing will ever compare to BEHRINGER’s iNuke speaker.  The company is using it as a sort of mouthpiece to garner attention to their latest line of speaker...

Batman Laptop Sleeve

Batman Laptop Sleeve


It’s a far cry from the Batman Motorcycle suit, but we’ll still take it. The Batman Laptop Sleeves doesn’t sport any fancy pockets, gadgets and nor will it protect you from a robber, unless of course you wield the encased laptop like a bag lady out for revenge.  Nope, all...

Mybuster Cannon Ball Test

“Mythbusters” Cannonball Test Goes Horribly Wrong (video)

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[GR]Jj-CErr0VOY[/GR] “Mythbusters,” the TV show, has pulled off some amazing stunts.  We particularly like the one where they disintegrated a car, or at least attempted to do so.  The footage is awe inspiring and if you haven’t seen it we suggest you check it immediately.  That experiment and many others...

Star Wars ATAT Liquor Cabinet

Star Wars AT-AT Liquor Cabinet


In our time, all sorts of Star Wars crap has crossed our path.  Yup, there is just an endless array of Lucas inpsired arts and crafts floating around out there.  Pile that on top of the officially licensed gear from the man behind such films at Indiana Jones and many...

Tick Tock Dock

Tick Tock iPhone Dock Clock is Old School New


There’s nothing quite like a new spin on an old product.  And arriving just in time before the year’s end is Edifier’s Tick Tock clock. While it may appear to be your old school alarm clock, it’s anything but.  Those would be bells perched up top are in fact 360 degree...


Netflix vs Blockbuster (comparison)


Long gone are the days of walking into a video store to rent movies, mostly due in part to services like Netflix, who put the likes of Hollywood Video out of business and even heavily bruised Blockbuster’s net income. But Blockbuster wasn’t going to go down without a fight, and...


Powerksin Gaming Case


For kids, and adults, gaming gets kicked up a notch during the holidays.  It makes sense since there is more than enough down time.  And by down time, we mean avoiding the family feuds and the barrage of questioning from your aunt regarding your relationship status. So it’s only fitting...