When someone loses a tooth it’s a pretty nauseating experience to witness.  Unless of course it’s a small child, in which case it’s probably a baby tooth.  Nonetheless, for the kid, it’s still not a fun experience.  The sucking noise, the blood and perhaps even some pain – all the things kids try to avoid and inevitably start to cry if and when they experience it.

But not this kid.  He’s a total boss when it comes to teeth removal.  Instead of seeking the traditional or conventional path, which is to have a parent remove it, or simply yank the loose baby tooth out with grasping it between two fingers, he ties one end of a string to his tooth and the other end to a NERF arrow.  While the video above really needs no explanation beyond that, this kid is beyond willing, cocks the NERF gun, loads the ammo and fires.  What happens?  Hit the video above to find out.

Source | Via: Reddit

Christen Costa

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