There probably isn’t anything more we’d rather watch than a Star Wars film (IV, V or VI).  Doesn’t get better than that, right?  Wrong.  Fold some ninja talents into the mix and you’ve got a nerdgasm of action and scifi wrapped into a neat little package.  And while it’s anything but a full length film, this 3 minute short has all the makings of one.  In fact, it begs the question of why Lucas’ films didn’t include more choreography when it came to the fight scenes. They weren’t bad and Ray Park did a mighty find job in the latter films, but there was so much more potential as proved here.  We don’t wanna spoil anything, but make sure you watch it all the way through, and if you can spare the bandwidth crank it up to 720p, though that won’t do much for the chintzy sound effects.

Source | Via: Reddit

Christen Costa

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