How to Choose the Best LCD TV (how to)

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The Best LCD TV
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4 Comments to How to Choose the Best LCD TV (how to)

  1. This is a great article. The definitions alone are a huge
    help. There is a lot to consider when buying a new TV. I think I did pretty
    well on Black Friday with my 40 Samsung 1080i. It was a hassle but well worth
    it in the end. I took a lot of these topics into consideration before I
    purchased. I don’t have a very large room, but I may move to a larger home soon
    so 40” seemed a happy medium. 3D isn’t important to me at all so that was a
    skip. I will be looking for a little surround sound system to complement the
    new TV. As for input that was already covered. I have HD service from DISH. I
    chose them because they have the most HD channels available. Their picture
    quality is so good and they offer so many channels, I would have DISH service
    even if I didn’t work there.

  2. David Parker83

    Sales tax is not withheld by Amazon; however, the consumer is responsible for reporting the purchase on their state income tax return. Expect this it be a source of audits in the future.

    • States haven’t gone after tax payers, yet. However, Amazon will start charging tax in Cali at the end of 2012. So expect the same in other states.

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