Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro External Hard Drive Review

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8 Comments to Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro External Hard Drive Review

  1. Hitachi  Touro Desktop Pro just crashed and burned on me. Had it less than a year. Just stopped working while transferring files. Lost a lot of sensitive data.

  2. According to Hitachi’s website, the Touro Mobile Pro features 3GB of free cloud storage NOT 750 GB of free cloud storage as this review erroneously states. In fact, the maximum cloud storage you can buy from Hitachi (above and beyond the free 3 GB) is 250 GB. Where is the author getting his information?? Here’s the link to Hitachi’s Touro Mobile Pro product description:

        • I did not misread anything nor did I snap. The original review stated “750 GB of free cloud storage.” It was subsequently revised to correct the error.

    • For someone who attains to use such imaculate word like “erroneously”… you must have failed literary comprehension.  Nowhere does it state that there is up to 750GB of online storage.  He just states that there are two(2) models… one is a 500… the other is a 750GB drive.  Slow your role, calm down and pay attention to what you’re reading before you start blasting anyone on their articles.

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