Archos 101 G9 Review

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5 Comments to Archos 101 G9 Review

  1. Alan Weinstock

    Just for those who don’t know, the Honecomb kernel shipped with this model is what sets the 512mb limit on the memory. With the Ice Cream Sandwich upgraded firmware it has full use of the 1gb of memory it actually physically has

  2. Anthonyvbyrne

    I bought one. and am delighted with the value.  In these hard times,  I was really streatching my budget to spend E280 on the 8Gb unit.  If I had to go the E400 plus that all the other vendors are asking,  I would not have been able to go there and would therefor not be a Tablet owner now.
    Regarding the unit its-self,  Build quality is acceptable,  performance is acceptable,  usability is good.  Built-in speaker is not great,  and I am from the ‘speaker’ (rather than head-phone / ear-plug) generation.    Battery life is very good.  ( it outlasts my  “play with this toy” attention span. thats all it needs to do.
    I find that the slightly bulky surrounding frame is a plus point, as it allows for slightly less delicate handeling.
    All in all,  a great buy.

  3. Baari Gaffar

    Great review. Btw you do know that archos was in the tablet scene for a long while right? Just taught you should know

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