Apple iPad 2 VS. ASUS Prime Transformer

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Transformer Prime vs iPad
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10 Comments to Apple iPad 2 VS. ASUS Prime Transformer

  1. Non-sense reviewers are sprouting all over the place posting ridiculous reviews, i always do my own research and test the units if it fits my needs before i buy them. I find this article not helpful at all.

    • If reviews are ridiculous to you; why are you reading them? I go to different wed sites and read what people are saying that has already purchased the item and go for their I never buy anything when it first comes out ( just to say I was the first to buy it). I have been researching for a tablet for a year but flash and extra storage is important to me because my 12 year old daughter will be using it too even though she just recieved an up graded laptop dell i5 with wi-di from a i3 that she got last year so I’m going to wait until around May and see what’s coming out and what the reviews are saying because the Asus Prime Transformer seems like the better buy for me. Every person has different things that they are looking for in electronics; in the end buy what feels right to you.  

  2. When I read this the writer seemed to clearly be a pro apple person.  He seemed to enthusiastically explain apple’s good points and hesitantly or even almost painfully explain the transformer’s good points.  Even with all of that he still could not deny that the transformer is better than the ipad.  In time, when the apps of android are on a more level playing field with apple (apple had a huge head start in developing these) this will even further make android a more viable option in mobil devices over apple.  

  3. Great write up.  Agree with everything except the graphics portion.  The way nVidia display graphics is different than that of Apple’s A5; giving way for unreliable generic testing.  In a review I’ve read, if you play the same games on both the iPad 2 and the Asus Prime at the same time, you’ll notice the Prime is more fluid and realistic.

    • That may be true, and it’s something I considered as well. However, ultimately benchmarks don’t conform to the GPUs or even systems, and the benchmarks I’ve seen show that the GPU is still faster in the iPad 2 than the Prime’s Tegra 3. There are a lot of potential reasons for it; I think the culprit is most likely Android, which isn’t optimized for Tegra’s architecture. 

      • The only thing that i see is wrong is the the prime comes with Honeycomb
        3.2 not 3.1 and I think that asus said they will give the prime a free upgrade next year to the new I.C.S or as most people call it “ice cream sandwich” because thats what they said would come with it in the first place!!

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