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Flyboard (video)


[GR]lM8kEHjQz9U[/GR] While we wait for the Martin Jet Pack to go into production, and hopefully drop to middle class attainable price, we’re gonna go ahead and strap ourselves into something called the Flyboard, invented by jetski racing champion Franky Zapata. Unlike the Martin Jet Pack and The Jetlev, both which...

DrumMachine T-shirt

Drum Machine T-Shirt (video)


Thinkgeek has really out done themselves this time.   Just in time for this holiday gift giving is the Electronic Drum Machine Shirt. And guess what?  It’s already backordered, which attests to the popularity of this novelty item.  Or perhaps they just don’t have any in stock just yet. Much like...

EOS Mixtape Watch-2

EOS Mixtape Watch


The cassette tape died long ago, and the CD isn’t too far behind at this point thanks to the advent and proliferation of digital music (i.e. iTunes and Napster).  As a result those items and their associated devices, such as a Walkman and CD players will be come collector items,...

Neverending ereader Cover

Neverending Story eReader Cover


Gone are the days of our youth, but that doesn’t mean we can’t and shouldn’t live in nostalgia.  And if you’re a kid from the 80s, then you’re all too familiar with the movie “The Neverending Story.”  It’s about a boy who is down on his luck, bullied at school...

Top Xmas Trees

11 Ultra Geeky Christmas Trees (list)


The holiday season is in full effect! As many start decorating for the season, Christmas trees are erecting all over the world. But instead of going for the traditional evergreen, some have decided to build something a bit more unique. Here are some of the craziest trees we’ve discovered! 11....

LG Marquee

LG Marquee Review

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As Android phones become more and more prevalent in the marketplace, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is fragmentation of the operating system, in terms of device power. On the one hand there are high-end devices like the Galaxy S II, and on the other hand there are...