The holiday season is in full effect! As many start decorating for the season, Christmas trees are erecting all over the world. But instead of going for the traditional evergreen, some have decided to build something a bit more unique. Here are some of the craziest trees we’ve discovered!

11. GE Lighting Tree

Made using only lights (using green-colored OLEDs) by some researchers at GE Lighting, this unusual tree is super bright.

10. Recycled Bike Tire Tree

As a very eco-friendly tree, the Recycled Bike Tire Tree that’s displayed in Bermondsey Square in London is made out of 35 wheels from old bikes that was designed by Sarah Wigglesworth Architects.

9. Water Bottle Ice Tree

Made from 200 upcycled water bottles, this tree is featured in the storefront of Montreal’s furniture store. All the bottles hand from the ceiling and are illuminated to provide a very ethereal effect.

8. Lobster Pot Tree

A tree made from lobster pots has become a yearly ritual in Provincetown, Massachusetts, as local lobsterman allowed the artist to borrow them to build this massive decoration.

7. Recycled CD and Cassette Tape Tree

A huge tree made entirely using old cassettes and CDs is not only pretty cool and crazy, but puts your old CDs to good use.

6. Shopping Cart Tree

Built by Anthony Schmitt (from Santa Monica, CA), the Shopping Cart Tree is a pretty unique alternative to your traditional evergreen one.

5. Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree

In Hong Kong, China, this Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree illuminates the night and brings a very luxurious touch to Christmas.

4. Godzilla Christmas Tree

A tree in the shape of Godzilla complete with lights and smoke makes for quite a sight!

3. Heineken Bottle Tree

An enormous tree made using 1,000 beer bottles stand high in Shanghai, China. This is definitely a Heineken fan’s dream tree!

2. Pac Man Tree

A larger-than-life Pac Man Christmas tree was erected in downtown Madrid, featuring an interactive display that was made using thousands of LED lights.

1. LEGO Christmas Tree

Taking two months to build and 600,000 bricks, this monstrous LEGO tree displayed at St. Pancras International Station in London features LED lights and some cool ornaments that actually sport a QR code which apparently fills you in on the tree’s deets along with info about a treasure hunt competition.

Kristie Bertucci

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