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Sony NWZ-W263 Walkman Review

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Despite the fact that the iPod and iPhone has grown to a ridiculous level of popularity, it doesn’t mean that they’re the best choice for listening to music.  Some will wholeheartedly argue this, while I’ll flat out tell them they’re wrong.  Why?  Both are fragile devices that are heavy, cumbersome...


Netflix vs. VUDU (comparison)


Looks like Netflix has more competition as VUDU emerges as an up-and-coming player in the movie rental biz. Both offer instant streaming movies, but Netflix requires a membership while VUDU is more of on-demand service. Both have loads of titles and releases, but which one is best for you? Read...

Spinning Skateboard Table

Spinning Skateboard Table


For $1,895 we’d expect to get the whole table, but that’s hardly the case with the Three Sixty Table from The Future Perfect.  Yup, it’s basically an upside down skateboard, minus the board of course and in this particular instance the glass.  You’ll need to find that on your own, which...


iPen (video)


The iPad single handily changed the tablet market as we know it.  Composing emails, jotting down notes, watching videos, playing games and even drawing on the touchscreen device is feasible.  However, you’ll need a stylus to achieve this last feat, that is assuming you want some level of detail.  To achieve...

Madison iPhone Wallet

Madison iPhone 4s Wallet


At this point we thought we’d had seen just about every iPhone wallet the world has to offer.  Needless to say, our penchant for style and utliitliy still hasn’t been fully satisfied when it comes to this type of case.  That is until now.  Say hello to the Madison iPhone 4/4s...


Archos 101 G9 Review


It seems like every company out there is trying to put out a tablet now a days, and Archos is no different.  With so many different ten inch tablets coming in costing more than $400 mark, they’re not as budget friendly as the smaller tabs for people who don’t need...




Long have a myriad of devices existed for motorcycle riders to communicate to one and other with.  For cyclists, though, it’s a bit different of a game, since they’re trying to reduce weight and drag as much as possible.  After all, they’re powered by their own legs, not a hefty,...

Vintage Camera Night Lights Jason Hull

Vintage Camera Night Lights


Christmas has come and gone.  Which means we’ll have to wait another 12 months until we receive one of these Vintage Camera Nightlights under our tree. They’re made by Jason Hull, who spends his weekends digging through flea markets looking for broken film cameras from the 50s and 60s.  He then...

Glass Milk Carton

Glass Milk Carton

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We’ve heard milk isn’t that good for you.  Something to do with the fact that we’re the only animals that drink it well after infancy.   Plus there might be inflammation issues associated with it.  But hey, we’re not doctors, we’re gadget loving weirdos.  Which might explain why we like this Glass...


Ego USB iPhone Case


The iPhone’s memory, while suitable for storing music, movies, pictures and variety of other things, is anything but useful when it comes to quickly and easily transferring data from one computer to another.  A shame, because back in the day, when the iPod first emerged, you could partition a section...


What Phone Would You Take?


As a tech journalist who regularly reviews the latest smartphones, I’ve faced a serious decision concerning an upcoming week-long working vacation (meaning I’ll be on call, but on a sandy beach somewhere). It’s not a typical decision most people face, and it’s one that really got me thinking about the...