Tomtom VIA 1505M GPS

Amazon has slapped the price down to size for this Tomtom VIA 1505M GPS Navigator!

With GPS navigation becoming a norm travelling is a much easier process, and thanks to Amazon that convenience can be yours for a super low price. This TomTom VIA 1505M Navigator is everything you need to handle the long roads between you and where you want to be. With its large 5.0-Inch display and fully dialogued information including directions and street names you will never fear being lost again; and in fact being lost would be most interesting thanks to this navigator’s 7 million points of interest you can seek out. IQ routes technology inside will even take you the fastest route with a basis on time of day or week, and with free lifetime map updates you’re sure to save more cash while keeping up with the times in our ever changing road system.

The regular price of this GPS is about $190.  However, Amazon has smacked the price on this GPS to $126.99, thats a 33% saving.

Troy Coutu

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