Tern Joe D24 Review

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4 Comments to Tern Joe D24 Review

  1. I think the new Tern folding bikes are gorgeous and the fact that they are made from Mr. Dahon’s son (who was with Dahon for many years) gives this company serious credibility.  Dahon has had too strong a hold on the folding bike market and as a result has become complacent in their innovation.  I think Tern entering this market with guns blazing will light a fire under the entire Dahon team.  Its going to be hard to do Dahon reviews without comparing them to Tern’s lineup.

  2. Very comprehensive review. I like that you chose one of the models with larger wheels. Even though they don’t fold as small, larger wheel folders have always been my favorite because of the ride quality. I recently test rode a Montague folder (http://www.montaguebikes.com/) and was pretty impressed. They’re frame design is a bit different from other folders and I think it makes it a lot stronger. With serious mountain bikes that fold, they’re worth a look.

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