When it comes to microphones we’re usually following asleep.  After all, they’re probably one of the least exciting gadgets.  Don’t get us wrong, though, they’re an absolute necessity and we’re a confident that there is a niche of people that talk mics all day.

Tascam’s iM2 mic for the iPod or iPhone, though, has our ears perked and our finger’s tapping away at the keyboard in excitement.  Why?  Well, first off it’s a high end mic that draws power from the iPhone’s battery.  This makes it portable and light weight.  Furthermore, it doesn’t require any special app, meaning it can work with the iPhone’s native video camera, so while you record 1080 video you can also capture the audio in true form.

Inside are a pair of condenser microphones as found inside TASCAM’s DR-series recorders.  Both mics are adjustable up to 180 degrees and according to TASCAM they’re arranged in an AB pattern for detailed stereo imaging that captures “the ambiance of the room.”  But that’s not all.  The iM2 has its own preamp and analog-to-digital converter.  What’s that mean?  It bypasses the iPhone or iPod’s version, which ultimately means sound quality should be top notch in addition to handling up to 125dB sound levels without that pesky distortion you get at concerts and other loud scenarios.  And if that isn’t enough to mitigate the possiblity of muddled sound, there is a quick action microphone level knob on the side allowing you to adjust the input volume on the fly without even looking at the device.

The TASACAM iM2 is available now for $79.99.

Source | Via: TASCAM

Christen Costa

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