Skyrim Review

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3 Comments to Skyrim Review

  1. Hogtrashhd

    i can’t believe how disappointed i am with this game.  have oblivion.. great game.. skirim is really nothing compared to it.. glitches galore.. it’s a piece of junk.. pretty much unplayable.. i am out 60 bucks.. should have gone for uncharted or pretty much anything else.. what a bummer

    • Divineben10

      Both oblivion and skyrim was quite glitchy. But yeah, I too felt oblivon had somewhat placed an impression in me which skyrim did not.

  2. I am very impressed to see Skyrim get such get rating, seeing that it is strictly an RPG title. Most of the time RPG appeal to a smaller crowd and now I am even excited to play. I really like the graphics and how it’s not a turn based combat game like most RPGs. Today games are so expensive and I can’t afford to pay $60 for a game, so I like to rent them through Blockbuster Movie Pass. DISH customers can subscribe to Blockbuster Movie Pass and get movie and game rentals though the mail, 20 extra channels and access to a huge online collection of on demand titles. I am so happy that I was able to get it, even though I have and employee DISH account. Luckily, I have time to finish my current games and then rent Skyrim on 2/24/12, I cannot wait!

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