Sennheiser HD448 Closed Circumaural Hi-Fi Headphones

Amazon is offering a GIANT discount on these Sennheiser HD448 Closed Circumaural Hi-Fi Headphones!

Time to enjoy pristine sound quality to really draw you into the action at a splendid discount! Amazon’s comes to the rescue for all your inner audiophile needs and it starts with this sweet pair of cans at about a third of the price! These Sennhesier headphones feature a close backed design which not only keeps the sound within, without disturbing those around you it also keeps annoyances out so you can listen in peace. The acoustics in place here are advanced and designed to give you epic frequency responsiveness while its leather padded ear pad is built specifically for long term comfort. When you really want to listen being weighed down by the fatigue is definitely a no-no, but not an issue with these headphones. Take advantage of this price while it lasts!

Sweet Mary on the discount!  These headcans usually sell for $129.95, but Amazon has them for just $56.81! 

Troy Coutu

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