Schlage LiNK System Review

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5 Comments to Schlage LiNK System Review

  1. Very upset!!

    We purchased the Schlage Link about eight months ago but it has only been installed for about six months due to construction delays. We did not set up the “link” portion, but have been using it only as a keypad lock. Last Friday I attempted to lock it from the inside and got no response. The light didn’t flash red, and it didn’t lock. I checked the keypad on the outside and the lights were lit so I didn’t think it was the batteries. I called their support and was told that the inside “lock” and “unlock” functions stop working when the batteries are dying but the outside will still light up. I was told that I couldn’t not replace the batteries with lithium or rechargeable batteries as these will damage the lock. I had to go to the store to get regular batteries, so I got the key and attempted to lock the door from the outside with no success. I had to leave my home unlocked while I went to get new batteries. Once I changed the batteries, I was able to lock and unlock the door again with no problems. I wrote an email regarding the fact that I was unable to lock the door using the key, but as of today (Tuesday), I received no response. So I called them again and a technical rep attempted to walk me through the process of locking/unlocking the door from the outside with the key. After futile attempts she informed me that the lock can not be locked with the key! YOU CAN NOT LOCK THIS DOOR FROM THE OUTSIDE! So if you have the same experience with dying batteries, you had better have some standard AA batteries on hand! I paid $300 for this lock, and a total of $1500 on Schlage lock and handsets for my entire home! My most expensive lock is unsafe!! Of course there was no “supervisor” available to talk with and no one else to escalate my concerns to, so I am now waiting to see if anyone contacts me regarding this issue. In the meantime, I would never purchase another Schlage Link.system again.

  2. Disenchanted

    Oh, yes. Forgot to mention. When I finally asked what the problem was all the time and couldn’t access my scheduled entries and codes, they could not explain and suggested that I keep a written list in a notebook. So much for high tech and access from anywhere.

  3. Disenchanted

    We have had this system for about 2 years. It is great in concept and while working. Use it for our vacation home to program individual codes for guests, to start working at time of check-in and stop working at time of checkout. Although occasionally the “bridge” would go down and have to be unplugged and plugged in again, it has worked great overall….until it became Nexia.

    The bridge is CONSTANTLY DOWN with Nexia. On top of that, where I used to at least be able to access my list of backup codes and list of scheduled codes within seconds even if the bridge was down, the new Nexia website goes into “Download settings from device. This may take several minutes” mode….may as well say several hours. Nothing is remotely accessible anymore, and what used to be SO convenient is now just frustrating. Don’t know why and what they changed in going to Nexia, but it is a failure. Sad because we have loved the system until it became Nexia. 6 months ago I would have recommended this system to anyone who asked. Now I would not. I truly hope they get it back to where it was.

  4. Can you set the Link System to allow scheduled lock or unlock periods such as; unlock 7:30 am and lock 6:00 pm)

  5. Do you know if the Kwikset lock would work with the Schlage Link? I ask because I prefer the Kwikset locks powered deadbolt to the Schlage manually operated deadbolt. 

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