Kindle Fire vs Nook Tablet (comparison)

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Nook vs kindle fire
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Kristie Bertucci is an L.A.-based writer, who can't live without her MacBook Pro. When she's not writing, she's either reading or shopping (online, of course) and loves lazy days so she can catch up on her DVR-recorded shows and movies. She's definitely a Mac girl, she loves music and is currently on a mission to to have an insane and enviable iTunes library.

20 Comments to Kindle Fire vs Nook Tablet (comparison)

  1. Wrong. Both have IPS panels. The Nook looks to have better text quality in side by side comparisons.

  2. can they both connect to library for borrowing books.. and can they share with others.. if you have more than 1 at home can content be shared amongst one another.. does the nook have to be synced?

  3. If the Kindle Fire could stream Netflix, I’d buy it in a minute!  I have Netflix set up at home and I don’t want to have to join another streaming service.  I have an Ipad 2, but wanted a cheaper tablet for my
    Downs Syndrome son so he could stream Netflix and play games. 

  4. Don’t own either, don’t want either. Bias toward Fire is obvious. This is for reading? Then better type face and offline storage that is expandable and battery life should receive weighted scores.

  5. I waited to here and see thespecs and pros and cons of both…I’ve been working in IT for the past 14 years. I just purchased 2 nook tablets for my six year old twins. The Nook wins.

  6. I believe Kristie Bertucci made an error: From what I’ve read, the Nook comes with an “IPS” display which makes it even better since it has the no-air laminate.

    Also, based on her review, shouldn’t the winner have been the Nook? I don’t think a fast, new browser is going to make up for a lack of ram and storage.

  7. Wow this was really really biased. The nooks display is far better than the fires. Combine that with the posiblility that like the nook color somone will put full cyangen mod on it. I would leave the fire at home.

  8. In the display section, and you give the nod to the kindle, stating it has a better IPS display, but in the price section you state that nook color has the better display. Which one is actually better?

  9. The Nook may have 16GB of on board storage, but only 1GB of that is available for non-BN content.  And being that BN only sells books (and audiobooks), that is not much of an advantage over Kindle.  You are almost forced to buy the SD card for expansion bringing the price of the Nook to MORE than $250.

  10. Theodore Ellis

    The reason the Kindle feels “more solid” is because it comes packed with ads for Amazon products.  Silk, in the meantime keeps a VERY close watch  on your browsing habits, the better to post ads directed specifically to your wants, needs, desires, hopes and  ambitions.  1984, anyone?

  11. Somewhat bias. Not bad though, it’s just that she was hesitant when giving the nook a winning point, and overly emphatic of the kindle’s features, 
    Sometimes, she was just absurd, for example when she wrote on storage that the nook “has a bit more”… really?! Is doubling storage just making it a bit bigger? It is bigger! Even considerably bigger or a lot bigger would have been assertive . Plus downplaying that the nook SDCard expansion is rather an atrocity. She made the winner of the category the kindle over it’s free (for now) cloud storage, but being it a PORTABLE devise in nature, without mobile internet connectivity available at the moment, it makes the most sense to have lots of storage space and with options to expand.

    • Rob81, did you read the entire comparison?  We gave the “nod” to the Fire based on far more than just the RAM and Web browsing.  In fact, we noted that the Fire has LESS RAM, so your comment seems unjustified.  Furthermore, the Kindle is $50 cheaper, has the same processor and supports Amazon’s Prime streaming service.  

      • As for the storage issue, the Nook also has its own cloud storage (Nook Cloud) for items purchased from B&N (granted, their store isn’t as big as Amazon’s).  You also leave out the fact that the virtually unlimited cloud storage is useless when you’re away from a wifi connection (what if you take it on the road). They’re both IPS displays. As for the silk browser, I have some privacy concerns for it phoning home to Amazon when you browse. The biggest strength of the Fire is its well integrated with the Amazon ecosystem.

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