iPhone 4S vs LG Nitro HD (comparison)

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12 Comments to iPhone 4S vs LG Nitro HD (comparison)

  1. cujobooblesd

    hey i’ve officially owned both and i’m going back to the iphone 4s, the nitro blows. constant connection problems constantly having to restart multiple times and guess you lose connection you have to restart your phone to get it again. oh and did i mention the constant lagging? faster processor my assssssssss.

  2. Itsmunchtime

    As an veteran iPhone user I have a couple strong comments. First, I hate touchscreens so I hate that about both phones. Secondly, I am astonished at the level of discourtesy and arrogance of the previous commenters. Why is it necessary to be RUDE when disagreeing? Any credibility they mIght have had left when the ugly started flowing. Thanks for the comparison!

  3. My take after reading this article is that Iphone is better in only 3 of the 11 categories:  Appearance, OS and Camera.  LG is clearly way ahead in size, display, and processor.  I’m an Iphone 4 user and have been tired of the small screen.

    • How can a company be ahead in size? And concerning the other two, we gave those to the Nitro. So we’re confused. What’s your point?  

    • As an iPhone user myself, I can attest to liking bigger screens. However, there is a limit to how big a screen should be. I think that limit is 4.3″. 4.5″ is, at least for me, too big for a handset. It’s not that the phone itself is too large, but rather to keep a widescreen display (16:9), it needs to be wider. That additional width is the problem. Some may like that, but in my professional opinion a phone has to work both one-handed and two-handed, and a 4.5″ screen just doesn’t cut it for extended one-hand use.

  4. Apple fanboy clearly. The only carrier offering true unlimited internet is sprint, and iphone plans are more expensive than android plans. As for storage space, the iphone has limited space so once you are full, you cant add an sd card the same goes for battery once your battery dies dont expect to pop an extra you might have in the iphone. IOS 5 update is mainly pushed by the “new” notification center. Which oddly enough has been one of androids main features since the g1 was released. However since Apple made the same approach with theirb”reinvented multi-tasking” it’s clear that Apple has the tendency to add features already found in android and package them in a more emphasized manor shown through their keynotes.

    This is coming from a person who has owned two iphones. So before the flaming starts do your research thoroughly before posting a complete biased review of two phones that are obviously very good in their own way. Giving points to either phone based on opinion makes you look uneducated. Facts are sound arguments, opinions lead to misconception.

  5. Douglas Ford

    Wow, fail. You don’t know enough about system hardware to compare the specifics apparently. Run some benchmarks and wait until the Nitro comes out to see and feel the experiences before you pass judgement on the Nitro.

    • Oh we will, don’t you worry.  But until then, this is a COMPARISON based on spec sheets.  So please keep that in mind.

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