iPhone 4S vs HTC Rezound (comparison)

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Kristie Bertucci is an L.A.-based writer, who can't live without her MacBook Pro. When she's not writing, she's either reading or shopping (online, of course) and loves lazy days so she can catch up on her DVR-recorded shows and movies. She's definitely a Mac girl, she loves music and is currently on a mission to to have an insane and enviable iTunes library.

38 Comments to iPhone 4S vs HTC Rezound (comparison)

  1. I can go online, talk AND use my laptop at 4G speeds with my rezound ALL at the SAME time!
    Can an iphone do that?
    ANd Kristie, are you free for dinner?

  2. HBCASurfer

    I tried the iphone for less than 2 weeks and it just didn’t work for me though it is really an awesome phone! I’ve had htc for all of my androids and now have the rezound! it is literally awesome but…it’s still the unsecure android OS and the forceclosures, losing contacts, etc, etc, etc, still dominate my thoughts for them! and everyone knows that android IS the most UNstable OS there is!
    I agree when people say Apple updates their good products and EVERYONE gets the update. Android depends on the phone, carrier and the maker! they would rather you buy a new phone! buy this but next week we will have our NEW phones out! and so on and so on…!
    I like how apple does it! and i respect that!
    I also think that android puts alot of bells & whistles on their phones to cover up the real issues of the bad OS and the unstable-ness, etc..! where apple just works! period!
    I was never an apple fan in the slightest….but….
    this week I am getting rid of android and will have my new iphone 4s 32GB!
    Any questions? let me know! but i am writing quick and talking from utter experience!
    my life will be smoother & i don’t have to worry about my phone not working anymore!
    OH YEAH…..Kristie…you are gorgeous & I would like to take you surfing and/or to the beach then a nice dinner! you up for that?

  3. Storage should have gone to the rezound because you can now buy a 64gb micro sd card for around $120.
    So the rezound can have a total storage space of 80gb.

  4. Anonymous

    My wife hates her iPhone 4S and loves my Rezound.. 
    With voice commands integrated in GPS and Phone, its worth above all other features..
    You don’t search a business or restaurant, you just call and it calls nearest…
    She loves how I have calendars, Pandora, photo albums, emails all on home screens and customized, she hates the army of icon and no customization on iPhone home screens.
    .. Android wins here

  5. I fail to see how a real comparison can be made when you didn’t even really USE several of the features on the Rezound (?).   Ok, I just got a Rezound this week, and I’m NOT an Apple fanboy… but I may very likely take the Rezound back and exchange it for an iPhone 4s.  My roommate has an iPhone 4s, and I’ve taken some time with mine and his so far before coming up with this conclusion.  Why?  

    I don’t see the “lag” in the Rezound that someone mentions below, but what I do see is that in order to get decent battery life with 4G, I had to get the extended battery, and once that thing is attached to the phone, basically, I look “really happy to be here”, when the thing is in my front pants pocket.  Very heavy and uncomfortable to pocket.  The regular battery makes it tolerable, but with moderate to semi-heavy use, you’ll not make it through a full day without topping off the charge.  The screen is extremely nice however, and no doubt lends to the battery suckage, as you can read the finest of detail on text.

    Skype video does not work properly on this phone.  You have to hold the phone in landscape (sideways) to get the in/out video to display properly on Skype.  Confirmed by Verizon techs who also tried it out on the phone.  Likewise, Youtube videos do not play when you are in 4G mode.  They will work in 3G and Wifi, but not 4G.  Also confirmed by Verizon techs who were testing one out on the phone with me.  Both phones have an 8 megapixel camera, but once I viewed the photos full size on my desktop, the iPhone photos are just a bit better.  The Rezound does have a lot more in the way of manual camera controls, though.  I don’t plan on printing cell photos at more than 4×6 however, so in both phone’s cases, that size looked ok in print form – the slight edge going to the iPhone for photo quality, and a point to the Rezound because it’s easier to transfer photos to your computer with Android as opposed to having to go through iTunes.

    I can only speak for myself and my needs.  I don’t want to have to awkwardly hold the phone to have a Skype video call with my family back home, and I don’t want to have to throddle down to 3G to watch a Youtube video – and I don’t want to wait for Google, Skype, or HTC to take months to come out with fixes for these things (if they decide to, to being with).  If a phone doesn’t do what I want/need it to do out of the box, it’s of no real value to me.  My roommate has an iPhone 4s, and while it too has a list of negatives to it, those are not deal breakers at least to me and my needs.  So most likely the Rezound is going back to the store this weekend.  And I HAVE taken the time to test out both phones before reviewing.

      • Same here. Just bought it last week and I’m fascinated by it. I bought the battery extender so it lasts me alll day included the regular battery that came with it. I love my Rezound and would never trade it in for the iPhone. 

  6. Robert Hughes

    I own the HTC Rezound, it’s fast, super fast and has the ability to stream full HD movies without a glitch.  I’ve watched TV shows on it (no buffering)

    (iPhone 4S) 3G Internet = 1.5MB/s if your lucky. (I had a 3G phone they suck).

    (Rezound) 4G LTE Internet = 13.3+MB/s (tested by my Speed Test App).

    As far as I’m concerned Apple is playing catch up.  Until Apple has 4G LTE internet they are way behind the times but they do have a fantastic OS.

    Drives me Crazy the number of complete idiots who own the iPhone 4S and think it has 4G internet when IT DOES NOT.  Next time you have a friend tell you their iPhone 4S has 4G prove them wrong with the Speedtest.net App (it’s available for both Android and Apple), then do a side by side comparison, just put on any HD steaming movie. The iPhone can’t do it.

    Sorry but the iPhone in it’s current state needs work.

    • This maybe true in development countries like the US. But the 14MB/s with HSDPA @ iPhone 4S are more than enough for HD-Streaming. You don’t have to defend your crappy decision.

      • Robert Hughes

        Josh 14MB/s is awesome.  When Web Traffic is low the Rezound get’s 27MB/s.  Doesn’t matter because anything over 6MB/s will stream HD Video’s without buffering, so 14MB/s is plenty fast.  I didn’t know about HSDPA.

        Simply put I’ve spent well over 100 hours on the iOS 5 and I LOVE IT the programming is crisp and clean it’s a near flawless OS. Bottom line The Rezound was the best decision for me.  Why?I’m a truck driver, and the iOS does not have the voice command capabilities that HTC Androids do.  Why is this so important to me? When I get a text while driving, I can response instantly without my eye’s leaving the road.  I can speak an entire paragraph and the phone with type it perfectly into a text message. Because the Voice recognition software is connected to Google it can be personalized to YOUR VOICE, and it learns.  The iOS doesn’t do that.  (I have shown iPhone 4s users like my brother-in-law this feature and he wishes his phone could do that, he was very impressed) Also I use Google Maps and Google Navigation all the time, (the Navigation can also be used and accessed by voice command all I have to do is say “Navigate to…” then say the destination and it’s there almost instantly, then I follow the turn by turn instructions and I’m there) anything I do on my Android phone that requires a keyboard all I have to do is SAY IT!! and it types it for me :)  Google Maps & Navigation on my phone is automatically sync’d to my google account on my computer.  This is helpful to me because I can edit travel routes on my computer, and it’s instantly part of my phone.  That is valuable to me.Did you know Google Navigation calculates your ETA based on your current speed?  And I get live traffic conditions right now. The Voice recognition software in the HTC Android phones is what I needed for work.  I’m not the greatest speller, so when I Speak and it’s translated into writing the spelling is always correct. :)Josh I’m not knocking the iPhone, it’s beautiful, iOS is a cleaner smoother platform than Android it always has been (but not by much). It’s just not the best option for me.  Just wanted to take a moment and explain why.

      • Verizon does not have HSDPA. HSDPA is ONLY avalaible on gsm networks. Verizon has a CDMA and LTE network. It works on AT&T, but not Verizon or Sprint.

  7. I’m going with the Rezound, it wins out in most areas. The storage issue I think Rezound shoud have won, because at the same price it should have beat out iphone. 16g internal storage and you can add 32 more without spending an extra $100 buying the 64g iPhone

    • And HTC partnered with Dropbox and offered 5 more gb of permanent free storage when the app is used with sense ui.

  8. Is the Rezound really the winner???

    For the record. I am a cell phone FANatic, and an Android fan. I have owned numerous Android phones, HTC being my favorite manufacturer and skin, and I’ve also owned every iphone from the original to the current 4S.I bought the iPhone 4 on Verizon, leaving Sprint and the HTC Evo because of its huge size and mediocre screen resolution. Not long after, I traded in the iPhone 4 for the HTC Incredible 2 because the phone is close to the same size, but with a larger screen area and voice commands and typing – I’m not a huge fan of any on-screen keyboards.  But after just a couple of weeks with the Incredible 2, I still craved the absolute perfection of iOS. Everything is so smooth and simple and always seems to just work… perfectly! Android has always been a bit complicated, clunkier, and jumpy. Sometimes the finger swipe works, sometimes it doesn’t. The Incredible 2 definitely has screen lag.  So the next logical step is to check out the long awaited Rezound, with unbelievable specs!.. I eagerly rushed to Verizon  the day it was released to get my hands on it, (there was no line, yet the iphone had several people waiting to touch it). And after playing with it for about an hour, I honestly can’t tell much difference between the Rezound and the Increcible 2, other than the obvious larger and clearer screen and the new HTC skin, oh, and the hyped headphones. Sadly, the Rezound still has similar screen lag as all previous Android phones, and is not nearly as smooth as the iphone… even the iphone 3G is smoother. So I walked out without another thought about wanting this phone. To simply compare specs and make a decision based on numbers without getting your hands on what ever phones you’re comparing is simply a bad idea. I’ve had my hands on all of them, I’ve owned most of them, and I keep going back to the iphone. Now I have the iPhone 4S, and it’s every bit as good as it’s claimed to be. Siri is amazing and does the tasks that actually matter to me. It understands my regular voice (I dont’ have to talk like a robot like I do with Andoid’s voice to text). The Apps are polished and work seamlessly with the phone.So Kristie shows that the specs of the Rezound make it the winner, but I show that the iPhone totally beats the Rezound, even with it’s inferior specs.  So don’t trust the number, trust what you see, feel, and experience, and I hope you end up with a phone that works for you!Peace

    • Eric Ericsson

      then you whant to handle files, so you open the file manager on your iphone 4s, nha wait a minute, you cant even explore the filesystem. Then you jailbreak it, but then apple hates you. So much problems just for a file manage operation. And the same comes with everything you wanna do. Apple rules, not on the phone market but over you as a costumer

    • its funny, because i own the Rezound and there is no comparison and not a bit of lag on it at all.  It is so much faster than my gf’s 4s , its scary.  Plus, the 4G is absurdly fast. Im also not a slave to itunes and lack of a file explorer.  The iphone is just nonsense.  You dont own it, Apple owns you.

    • GGGrrrrmynutz

      Incredible 2 = old Sense and single core CPU, dumbfuck.  Rezound is better than iphone AND incredible 2.  Enjoy your data-caps and 3G speeds, trololol.

    • Robert Hughes

      Screen lag on the Rezound? What are you talking about?  I’m sitting here playing with my Rezound right now, there is no screen lag at all.

  9. There have been more than enough unboxings as well as just flat out video’s on the Htc Rezound flat out it makes the iphone 4 or iphone 4s look STUPID case closed. I don’t care what blog site you go to rather it be cnet.com, bgr, engadget, the verge, technobuffalo, phonedog, androidcentral, intomobile, the list gors on and on. All have said the Rezound is far and away better than the iphone 4 or 4s as well as the Droid Razr, Htc Vivid, and to me it may even be better than the Galaxy Nexus. With all the problems that device has right now and haven’t even been released yet on verizon I would much rather take this Rezound and it’s 1.5 dualcore processor because when ICS does come to this device it will finally be running on both cores instead of the current one and brother at 1.5 this will fly hands down when the processor get s optimized by ICS. All current android devices are only running on one core due to gingerbread not being optimized for the dualcore devices that are curently out on the market. Plus the Rezound with gingerbread BLOWS AWAY THE IPHOME 4 AND 4S so it stands to reason that with ice cream sandwhich it will kill your little iphone 4/s bank on that

  10. Why do idiots er people keep getting so upset when there phone isn’t declared the winner ?? Get a life loosers who cares!!?? If u like ur phone shutup!! And njoy it

  11. How in the world are you even suggesting that the iCloud is some sort of a selling point.  Why does everybody act like apple is the first to market on things like this when companies like dropbox have been around for years.

    • Dropbox and iCloud, while similiar are actually very different.  iCloud allows you to seamlessly sync your contacts, data and photos without doing anything. So yes, it is a selling point.

      • On every Android and Windows (haven’t tried 7) device I’ve had, my contacts have synched seamlessly. As far as synching data (which includes photos), why? If it lives in the cloud it doesn’t need to be synched. Apple has done another exceptional job of marketing an older technology as something new and shiny. It’s certainly something I wouldn’t mark up or down in a comparison as the same features are available on both devices.

      •  My rezound syncs my contacts with gmail, and it syncs my pictures with google+. I don’t really see what makes iCloud so special?

  12. Hey, just wanted to mention that numbers alone don’t necessarily mean anything! Like the battery: a bigger screen and faster processor can drain it faster. Also, higher processor frequency doesn’t mean it’s faster either (although it probably is, but still). Pentium 4s had higher processing speeds than many core 2 duos, doesnt mean they’re faster!

    • Totally, true, but at the end of the day without real world testing (we haven’t been able to get a Rezound yet) we have to present the numbers in an objective fashion.

      • “Reviewing” without actually having a device to test and “objectively” declaring a winner is idiotic.  Would you ever return to a car enthusiast website which compared two cars with out actually sitting (let alone drive either vehicle) and declare a winner based on specs.!?

        I realize the Rezound must have a great screen, but the graphic posted displaying a fuzzy ‘a’ next to a high rez ‘a’ is a bit sloppy don’t you think?  I’m sure, even at that magnification it will be difficult to tell the 12ppi difference (not that I don’t appreciate how beautiful the Rezound screen must be, I would love to see one…..)

        If you don’t have anything worthwhile to say, just wait till you do.


        • I have the rezound and the display is really nice but you dont know just how amazing it is until you download a video in 720p hd and play it. It’s absolutely beautiful.

        • So what if you can’t tell the difference of the ppi? The Rezound screen is 4.3 inches across while the iPhone 4S is 3.5!

          If the ppi is similar, then the battle comes down to the size, which the Rezound crushes the iPhone with.

          BTW I’m not biased I’ve got an iPhone 4S, HTC Sensation and HTC Rezound.

    • GGGrrrrmynutz

      A) Does mean it runs faster B) Stock batteries can be swapped for high capacity C) Core 2 Duos have lower clock speeds, but MORE CORES = MORE CALCULATIONS PER MILLISECOND.   kthx, go to bed now.  :-]

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