iPhone 4S vs Galaxy Nexus (comparison)

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Kristie Bertucci is an L.A.-based writer, who can't live without her MacBook Pro. When she's not writing, she's either reading or shopping (online, of course) and loves lazy days so she can catch up on her DVR-recorded shows and movies. She's definitely a Mac girl, she loves music and is currently on a mission to to have an insane and enviable iTunes library.

146 Comments to iPhone 4S vs Galaxy Nexus (comparison)

  1. Not wanting to give up that apply, and this time my luck was about to alter.
    In the Waite deck, the Emperor seems stern and darkish. It
    could be a eBay seller, and Amazon vendor, an Etsy seller, a Bonanzle seller, it doesn’t matter.

  2. Shannon Doak

    So can any Apple Fan write for your website? I would focus on the truth rather than bias. This is the second Apple Fan type article I have read on this site. Really not a good site for a real comparison.

  3. Im never coming back to this site again for reviews. Thanks to this dumb review in particular.

  4. You’re REALLY kidding me right? Have you ever held a Galaxy Nexus? The iPhone 4S is a much heavier phone than the GNex. I own one, and my cousin owns a 4S, so I actually know what I’m talking about.
    You may be a journalist, but a very biased one at that.

  5. You talk like a 7-year old kid who doesn’t know sh*t about iOS or Android! My GOD! How can you even sit up straight with a brain as small as that? You call this a review? Grow up!

  6. the only thing good about apple is that they did a good job in marketing iphone so well among the lion’s share of stupid people around the world. If you had ever used a galaxy nexus, u wont even dare to compare it with iphone 4s. Its not even a multitasking phone when compared to nexus.

  7. Skandi87

    I have Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Iphone 4s white and for me the winner here is the Samsung! I don’t know who has wrote  this but he doesn’t have any idea about the abilities of the Samsung. First the samsung doesn’t weighs 150 grams, he weights 135 grams, here is the real size of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 135.5 x 67.9 x 8.9
    The hardware is more powerfull then Iphone! Samsung – Dual-core 1.2GHz Cortex-A9, 
    Iphone – 1 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, Samsung – 1GB RAM , Iphone – RAM: 512 MB. judge for yourself who is better

  8. Steven_bauman_7

    You guys are all dumb as fuck. You all fucking complain that this reviewers OPINION was that the iPhone is better? It’s her review and her opinion, if you don’t want to read about it then don’t fucking read it you dumb fucks. Her article is far from bad, you guys just say its bad cause your all wanking off the samsung dev team and YOUR phone wasnt chosen as superior. People are fucking dumb whiners.

    WAAHHHH QQ :'( galaxy nexus wasn’t chosen over the iPhone on this review site!! My panties are in a knot :'( QQ QQ

    Gadgetreview, please dont listen to these people. In my opinion, your article and comparison was phenomenal.

  9. Lmao. Clearly an iphone fan. This person doesnt consider the special features and capabilities of the nexus. She said 4g and nfc. And the picture of the A representing the galaxy nexus, not correct. That is probably the nexus s screen. And the galaxy nexus has superamoled.which is much better than lcd.

  10. “The Samsung Galaxy Nexus sports some heftier dimensions of 135.5 mm X 67.94 mm X 9.47 mm and is only 10 grams heavier than the iPhone at 150 grams”
    Nexus is much much lighter than the iPhone. Stop writing articles.

    Writer “can’t live without her MacBook Pro” what else do you expect??

  11. Videoninja2009

    Ok so I have both these phones and I’ve used them both for a few months having gotten theme both around Christmas. The OS on Nexus is way better due to the multitude of options and UI. The screen on the nexus offers more natural colors over the iPhone. But in all other aspects the review is generally accurate except the battery life. The iPhone has a smalle screen and slower processor which does allow it to lower battery consumption. For those of you who say a bigger screen is better I’d have to disagree since I can hardly fit it in the pocket of my jeans.

  12. Avichal Rakesh

    you want a really good camera on your phone go and get urself a nokia 808……41 megapixel camera

  13. Anonymous

    for the battery life, iPhone 4s win, my GN need to charge 4 times per day. after school, at work, out of work and over night. 

  14. i have the nexus and i love it my friends all have iphones and i think the deal breaker for me was when dropped their iPhone shattered and mine nothing not a mark mine is also faster than there’s bigger is always better as i don’t lose it in my bag, who cares what camera the iPhone has in it as my pics are clearer sharper and print better so maby try b4 u just read a bunch of specs!!

  15. Sspkamaleshvarshan

    iphone 4s rules forever.the authour is true these are the advantages and disadvantages of these two smart phone.fuck u android users

  16. Joel Acuña

    Okay so I am an Apple person but I’ve read and I even sell both these phones at the place I work at and they are both pretty good. The new android features are pretty cool but for me its not enough to convert me but still its good for the people that want other things and dont have that Apple taste (which I understand the whole world has different people with different likes) still not even I am this bias. The new android has things that are very cool. They forgot to mention the new way of multi tasking in android 4.0 and the nice feature that makes you control how much data you use so you dont go over your data and other awesome things like that. iPhone does have siri which is amazing and they have added the shutter button, quick camera button and the fact that they have added other things like the notification center which I like better than the android notification bar. Even with all these differences I say that android has really picked up so I think as of now it should be close but to me iPhone does win but thats my opinion, android is getting there but not just yet.

  17. this article is complete bull shit, and obviously the author is a complete mac fangirl. “She’s definitely a Mac Girl despite not having an iphone”. Not having an iphone? WTF How can you compare if you don’t have any of the devices…

  18. Wow, speak about bias.  How did the iPhone win Display, size, and carrier?  Sure, iPhone has 14 more ppi (which is negligible), but how did the 640×960 Retina display beat the 1280×720 HD Super AMOLED aspect?  Display should have went to the Nexus.  Galaxy Nexus also supports more frequencies, and therefore can more easily be supported on my carriers.  Size is subjective.  I prefer a bigger screen.  If you want to start throwing in size, why not throw in weight?  OS is also BS.  You are saying iOS is easier to use when you have not tried ICS yet.  At best that should have been N/A (tied for the time being until you actually try it). 

  19. I’d switch the size and display winners, the Nexus has a bigger screen and a superior screen. PPI is negligible at that comparison. Carrier should be removed, only idiots switch carriers for a phone so unless one is restricted to a bad carrier it isn’t important. Either price and storage should be ties since they are priced the same for similar storage options or they should be combined then go to Apple for more variety.

  20. You’re hot, but this review is bogus. Doesn’t matter though because you’re hot…and I’m smart enough to know that the Nexus is the better phone….. for me. No need to get bent outta shape when you’re secure in what makes you happy.

  21. What a crappy comparison.  Seriously.  Size, appearance, OS, storage, and carriers should be irrelevant.

    All those are very open for debate.  I don’t have a purse.  I’m a man.  My Galaxy nexus has no problems fitting into my pocket, and I happen to consider the larger screen as a WIN, not a LOSE.

    Appearance? Again, for debate.  The galaxy nexus, IMO, is a very sleek looking phone.

    The OS.  Now this is a laughable comparison.  As someone who enjoys tinkering with things, Android’s platform is a total win for me.  I love rooting, tweaking, installing custom roms, and doing ALL THE THINGS APPLE SAYS I CAN’T DO.  There’s even espier launcher which makes your main screen look exactly like iOS.  I couldn’t do half the shit I did on my old nexus one with my old iphone 3g.

    Storage? Seriously? Obviously cost scales with more storage that’s packed in there, you’d be stupid not to realize that.  Sure, some people might be willing to shell out obscene amounts of cash for a 64gb phone.  Not me, I have no problems (and never have) with my 16GB phones.  I prefer to keep the costs down and I have no problems managing 16GB of space.

    Finally, carriers? Who cares?  Remember when the iPhone was _only_ available on… what, AT&T?  Right.  What’s stopping you from buying the phone outright and using it on a different carrier? Nothing.  The carrier has no affect on a fucking PHONE.  A phone is a phone, it will work on whatever carrier has the supporting bands available on their network.  There are usually at least 2 or 3 in most countries.  The Galaxy Nexus is, if I recall correctly, supported on all bands in the US.  How does it lose? Lol.  “more options”, right.  I forgot.  Because why? Because you can buy the iPhone under more providers under contract? Again, nothing to do with the phone itself.  This whole article was almost garbage with a few relevant comparisons.

  22. Hotta_flexx

    I think this review is totally ignorance and should be flagged! I can tell you are a 100% apple fan. even when you gave a round to galaxy you can see that you never even wanted to…lol…ohh please

  23. 14 pixels per inch does NOT look like that in a comparison. Not even close. 

    And the Galaxy Nexus isn’t that much bigger than the iPhone 4S. Not unless you got some girly-ass hands. The Nexus could easily fit into a purse or pocket. 

    I shake my head at the lack of intellect and technical knowledge in this article. Please refrain from writing about things you don’t know much about. Thanks.

  24. Fanboy or in this case fangirl review… Not everyone is happy whit the iPhones glossy case, or small size. Sometimes bigger is better.

  25. Thid information is so fucking biased and incorrect the nexus is lighter look at different web pages you stupid iphone fanboy

  26. Wow, Master Troll…

    This completely biased rev… errr… comparison with absolutely zero useful info will only steer me towards other sites that might actually help me in choosing one of these two phones.

    Useless waste of time is useless.

  27. honestly you gave iphone 8/12 points but some of it seems extremely biased. you gave an entire point to how many carriers support the phone? i mean that’s not a comparison of the phones, that just sounds like an arbitrary category to get you more points for the iphone. and storage received an entire point because apple offers a 64gb model which noone ever purchases. ever.

  28. Reuven Zasler

    When all is said and done, the ‘best’ device is the one that works best for the individual user with his/her individual needs.
    For example, I am less concerned about media functions than I am about screen size/clarity, phone/contact functions, user-friendliness and calendar functions.
    So for me, it would seem the iPhone 4 wins on ease of use, the GN on the screen and it’s a tie, perhaps,on the phone/contacts.
    So for me, the tie-breaker might be which device has the better native scheduling app.

    IMHO, buying one or the other because of its specs and style is mostly a matter of ‘one-upmanship,’ keeping up with the Jones’s’ or trying to be IN.

  29. I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw this article as biased.  I love Apple products and was really considering the 4S when I made my most recent phone purchase… but this article is completely false. 1 – the iPhone 4S is heavier and thicker than the Galaxy Nexus, not lighter and thinner. 2- the appearance is a matter of preference.  While I like the 4S design, I don’t see anything wrong with the Galaxy Nexus either.  Its a handsome, sophisticated looking phone. 3- Price:  My roommate has the 32GB iPhone and I have the 32GB Nexus, they cost the same price.  I’m not even going to get into how you spun personal preference in favor of the iPhone.  Dont get me wrong, the iPhone is a great product, but you have your facts a little wrong.

  30. Galaxy nexus won for me, i sold my iphone 4s to get galaxy nexus,
    Apple is doing pure business by realising new iphone every year with couple new features,
    Sometimes I hate apple but sometime i love it too for perfection.

  31. Is it any surprise that “Kristie Bertucci, who can’t live without her MacBook Pro” would come up with a verdict that iPhone is the winner?

  32. Siri loses to Beam? Seriously? Siri controls basically
    the entire phone when in the car. Beam recognizes your smile? FAIL. The Galaxy
    Nexus is beautiful and powerful, but it still suffers from the cheap-feeling
    “plasticy” Android Achilles heel. And…iPhones hold their value. I sold my 4 in SLC in 27
    minutes after posting it online. In the iOS ecosystem, you can easily upgrade
    to the latest incarnation by selling your previous model. How well will a
    plastic Android phone hold up over the course of a year? Will it be updated to
    a new, state-of-the-art OS semi-annually like iPhone? I’ll keep my 4s. I’m not
    salivating over the mirage of LTE and absence of NFC. But, the competition is
    great for all of us!

  33. Nexus is 5g lighter than the iphone. If you cant get your hands on the phones you should be making sure your spec sheet it accurate.

  34. This is the 10th comparison between the 2 phones that I have read today And I still can’t stop laughing, after reading this one. Let’s see when the gadgetreview dude will get tired of defending the complete valley girl bimbette that wrote this piece of complete and utter crap. Get serious. Or shut down and stop wasting people’s time with amateur attempts at journalistic integrity, because you don’t have it now. Amateur Losers.

  35. Brian Ouellette

    Kristie said:

    In the looks department, the Galaxy Nexus looks like a grand competitor
    for the iPhone, but is really more of a coy given its cheap plastic

    Do you have the phone in your hands to confirm that this has a cheap plastic feel?

  36. seriously?? and instead of actually writing better articles… this guy actually posts and defends this junk?? this is website for real or is this a bunch of teenagers? 

  37. Travis Howard

    yo dawg… you put LTE specs for size on your size section… better check that out. cause this is a review and the LTE version is not out yet. in reality, between the two phones that are out the galaxy nexus is both thinner AND lighter than the iphone 4s… this was stated opposite.. dont provide the public with false info. dumbass.

  38. Well, I’ve read on Wikipedia: “It has been observed that the unaided human eye can generally not differentiate detail beyond 300 PPI”. So, I guess she must have some sort of superhero eyes then? Nonetheless, this is the most bias review I’ve ever read in my entire life. Just read her “About Author”, you’ll see that she’s an Apple fanatic.

  39. On several attempts GadgetReview (I’m assuming this is the mediator) attempts to clarify the issue by saying this article is a comparison not a review.  However, comparisons do not pick winners and losers they simply show similarities (compare) and/or differences (contrast).

    • Says who?  If you compare to objects, based on specs, as is this case, isn’t it natural to select which one is better? If you compared two cars based on their 0-60 and one was faster than the other, wouldn’t you select the faster car as the winner?  That said, we might test a few of these out without picking a winner, since to your point we haven’t had a hands on yet.

      • Referring to your example, they would have test driven the cars (I’m sure multiple runs) and then chosen the winner based on which car performed better during those tests.  The purpose of the test is to determine which car is ACTUALLY faster as opposed to simply using the theoretical manufacturer derivations. 

  40. Gera Pedraza

    WTF!?!?! Are ypu serious with this article?
    The iphone 4s sucks ass and most of the stuff new on IOS was coppied from Windows phone 7 and android so before making an article buy a freaking android phone so you can see the bog difference

    • Why does the iPhone 4s suck?  Is it the awesome camera?  Or perhaps the ultra simple and clean OS?  Or perhaps you don’t like the sleek form factor?  Do tell.

  41. lol i read the review..and then saw the ‘About the author’ and it says she cant live without her macbook pro and she is a mac girl..go figure. No wonder its so biased  

  42. Mahsoom Moosa42

    i find android better. what do you mean by cool gadgets. I always found iOS a bit classic. i like the nexus’s contour design. i never liked cuboid shaped phones.

  43. 316ppi vs 330ppi .. no big deal, as beyond 300ppi the eye cannot tell the difference, hence retina display.  3.5inch screen vs 4.65inch massive deal!  Worst article I’ve read in a long time.

  44. i love how i just read through all of the comments and gadget review continually attempted to defend the article.  However, at no point in the multiple comments does gadget review ever deny the fact that this article is completely bias.  The author is obviously a fan of the iPhone and there is no problem with that, unless they are righting a review about one.  People read these articles for honest facts to help them choose which phone they want to choose, not to read some bias opinion that will confuse their judgement.  Seriously, next time you have an article written, please have a professional write it, have decent and true facts, make sure there is no bias towards either phone, and just write an overall better article.  The summary of this article is basically that it was all BS and many statistics were made up (in favor of the iPhone) or ignored (ones that would benefit the Galaxy Nexus.  Please, id appreciate a better review next time.  And one more thing; gadget review, you cannot honestly say that this review was not bias.  Obviously the author is an apple fan and this article should be considered an opinion, in no way factual or legitimate. Such a waste of time…

  45. I stopped reading at “the iPhone’s compact dimensions are a highly desirable quality since it can also easily fit in a small purse”. I assume what follows is bullshit as well.

  46. This review is horrible, the iPhone is too small especially when it comes to reading text during web browsing. However, the design is nice & sleek but the biggest problem I have with any iPhone is the physical home button that after a while becomes hard & a pain to use. The reason why the iPhone is so popular is because it has become a status symbol for many people.

    • Why do you think it became a status symbol?  Answer: because it was the best phone on the market.  If you have problem with the home button, well, then I don’t know what to say.  Sounds like you’re just nitpicking. 

  47. I took you folks seriously until I read this.
    This review is biased and garbage…oops…sorry…this comparison…is biased and garbage.
    Where was the editor during all this? 

  48. SmartPhoneJustice

    I can’t believe I spent my time reading this article. I was under the impression I was reading a real review, with the reviewer having hands on experience using both smart phones. There should be a disclaimer at the top of the article explaining this. BTW, after looking into each phones specs, some of the claims on the article are not 100% correct. People look to these articles to help them make a decision, not to be swayed by a bias.

  49. Sergio DeCastro

    apple will always be more popular because most people who buy a smartphone dont giv a fuck about specs and just want the nicer phone. if i didnt care about screen size, 4g, and the customization and abilities of android, i would also get an iphone.

  50. There were actual side-by-side tests of the 2 phones, showing the Nexus to be faster, regardless of how well iOS handles lower GHz’s.  I also saw side by side pics online (neutral tester) showing the 4s’s pics to be a bit more blurry at times, especially when outside.  The colors were much better with low light/inside pics.  Actually, in those comparisons the Rezound probably did best overall.  Both are awesome, top of the line phones, nuff said.  Never believe a review from an iOS OR Andriod follower.

  51. what a bullshit review. love how it was written based on how “cute” the display is as apposed to actual speeds. wtf “more portable”….are you kidding me?…really? if you have a problem carrying anything less than a pound i suggest you see a physical trainer. “more options”…how? when you can’t even convert formats on the iphone? fanboys gonna fan

      • and i know the moderator is an apple fanboy as well. he loves his little iphone as well as the author of this crap article. they are probably in a relationship, because the only thing he can say is negative comments about the galaxy nexus. i think the fact that samsung makes their products compatible to all formats of music, video, etc. should put the operating system over apple’s hands down. not going to say anything else, because nothing else needs to be said. the article and this site is garbage.

  52. Now, we know how some women can spin (I am being polite) things just whatever they want to. Talk about picking elements to sway the review the Apple phone way. For instance, as others have mentioned, the display might have a 5% disadvantage (that’s right a mere 5%), the fact that you can read the Samsing display in a sunny day (say, 6 hours a day better over, say, 12 hours, which is a 50% better) does not seem to matter. Maybe L.A. has so much fog that it doesn’t matter! :) 

  53. How this ended up as #1 in my google search is a mystery to me. Worst biased review ever. Seems like the writer has not even touched either phone and just based everything on images and spec sheets :/

    • Yup, we based this on specs.  We’re striving to get handsets and do comparisons, but it’s a tough battle.  Believe me, if we could get every handset in hand we would.

      • P L A N M O D E R N

         Then you justice the phone on specs and said that iPhone4s was actually better than Galaxy Nexus?

  54. I’ve got a series of a complaints about this comparison…
    My real complaint though, is as far as I can tell, you haven’t laid hands on a Galaxy Nexus. (Your vague software comparison heavily implies this), or an iPhone4s (Your bio states this.) You aren’t comparing phones, you are comparing spec sheets and marketing material.
    I don’t care which phone has the more powerful processor. I care which phone is more responsive. Which OS is better? You are resorting to hand-waving, not personal experience of “I used each phone for a week and phone X did worse then phone Y when it came to doing Z.”
    You aren’t giving us any useful information.

  55. U have got to be kidding me………so wrong on so many points.   iphone is beat hands down,,,unless you become honest your blog is dead.

      • Joyforu43

        The day you think about changing your views instead of these irrational useless views, we might also change our thoughts

        • Steven_bauman_7

          You guys are all dumb as fuck. You all fucking complain that this reviewers OPINION was that the iPhone is better? It’s her review and her opinion, if you don’t want to read about it then don’t fucking read it you dumb fucks. Her article is far from bad, you guys just say its bad cause your all wanking off the samsung dev team and YOUR phone wasnt chosen as superior. People are fucking dumb.

  56. And bitch the Nexus is cheaper. An unlocked 16 gb iphone 4s costs 1000 dollars compared to the Nexus’ 750. Get your facts straight before you post this biased ass shit. 

      • Well the difference is still there – $700 for the 4S, $500 for GN.

        And how can you compare prices with contract (in the “article”) anyway, that doesn’t tell you anything.

  57. They are comparing megapixels and not the actual end results from the camera. What kind of comparison is that.

  58. How can she have even included the os, you can’t just say that iOS 5 is better just because the other is untested.

    I read somewhere a good point about the iPhone 4s and galaxy nexus appearance, glass can shatter, you wont get that as easily with the plastic phone.

  59. I’ve got the 4S, and my friends are constantly trying to convert me to Android. I read this article so I could have some comebacks whenever they bring up this the Galaxy Nexus. This article is garbage. As much as I love Apple products (typing this on my mac right now) for Christ’s sake this can’t be more one sided.I’m surprised the 4S didn’t win on processor, too, just for shits and giggles. Whoever said this is like a teenaged girl comparing Twilight and Godfather f’ing nailed it. Absolutely. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my 4S and I don’t think I’ll be switching any time soon, but let’s be honest here, This review did neither phone justice, as it made the Galaxy Nexus seem horrible, and made the 4S seem like it needed the pity of the author to be a decent phone. 

    • Well she figured if it won on all points that it would look like she didn’t even consider the Galaxy’s specs. 
      Here Kristy I’ll help you. While the Galaxy is a dual core at 1.2GHz which is faster then the iPhones 1GHz dual core, the iphone makes due with 200Mhz slower speed and that will also save on power use and extend the battery. So for this comparison the iPhone wins by a slight margin!

      I’ve seen one person who actually believes it was a accurate article. Deepu said: Nothing can beat APPLE Stuffs

  60. stphen taylor

    I get sick of the continual need by Apple fans to keep comparing the ageing Iphone with the latest Google phone. Of course a bigger screen tv will be harder to fit in your car just like a larger screen phone will struggle to fit in the same space as a smaller screen phone. The author gave a win on price for the Iphone 32 gig but also gave it a win based on 64gig. The images mislead with pixel example and indicates the Iphone is similar in size anyway. IOS is locked down and has less options, that makes it simpler not better. The fact is Iphone 4S doesn’t deserve to be on this comparison. Another phone like an HTC flagship deserved its spot. The author proved bias by the overall article implying the Iphone was the best phone currently out there and the Nexus was being launched to try to beat it. I highly doubt the writer has no Iphone. The truth is Iphone.

  61. Wow I don’t even want to get started on how terrible this review is. However, maybe we’re not seeing the bigger picture. The author looks at this from a different viewpoint. Not just because shes a girl, but she thinks that more compact is better. I mean, this is just a different outlook on phones. For years we’ve been trying to make things more compact. Also, this is a lot of opinion as well. I think it was pretty harsh in the beginning, so readers right away think that the author is biased. Both first “points” were simply just opinion (size and appearance) so that already seemed unprofessional.

    It is really hard to write a review like this already. I salute the author for trying. It was a simple approach which opens Android users like me to what other people look for in a phone.

    • Regardless of one’s OS preference, Gadget Review shoild be ashamed of publishing duché un-professional writer.

      • Hey now, that’s not fair.  We’re trying and just because you don’t agree it doesn’t mean you need to be rude.

  62. StuckInTheMiddle

    You can sum up everything you need to know about this “Comparison” in the “about the author” block:

    “Kristie Bertucci is an L.A.-based writer, who can’t live without her MacBook Pro.”

    Let’s hear an unbiased review one of these days.  

  63. This article is like a teenage girl comparing the Twilight and The GodFather and saying Twilight wins hands down coz it earns more money at the boxoffice.

  64. This “writer” has very poor English skills.  Note the missing verb and awkward phrasing in the Operating System section, in which the author says she has no experience with ICS so she must give points to iOS 5 (the OS that killed battery life in a significant percentage of iPhone 4’s, and the OS whose update is apparently interfering with wifi connectivity).  And Earth to Kristie: the Galaxy Nexus is already available on all GSM carriers

    • Guest - Critic

      Just tell me what’s new in IPhone 4s?

      and they shows Siri as they are complete but whenever they got any problem they just said

      Ohh! Its in beta version

      But have they told in Ads?

  65. Writer seems Apple fan. Her bio says “she cannot live without her Macbook pro.” She is being bias in price, OS, storage, carrier. How can you say there is more options carrier in iPhone. They said nexus will be available in all the carrier. 

  66. Karkaucheung

    5 comments and five negatives for the author! sorry now its gonna be six!
    she is two bias to do a iphone vs galaxy nexus. read about author you can see.
    most other reviews have stated size of screen should be a draw not one sided so a negative point for kristie. size is also subjective too some prefer a smaller size but i like larger screen its better web experience book reading and the likes. another negative to kristie. higher ppi you cant tell the difference but technically apple wins but have you actually seen the screen of the nexus????
    camera and video  technically iphone win on camera but nexus wins on video so should be a draw.
    carriers i think kristie forgets that when apple released there first phone how many carriers did apple have!!!! give it a couple more weeks youll see how many carriers nexus will have.
    iphone 4s cheaper? where r u getting your info from apple in the long run alway cost more unless your are thinking about 3gs!!!! please show me a link to this website that iphone is cheaper i really like to know not that i want an iphone but just to see where you get your info from.if you actually think about it its really a tie.
    size, apperance , display ,carrier, camer, video and extra should be tied cos each have plusses and negatives! sorry kristie i hope you dont get paid, to write this garbage you should retittle from iphone vs nexus to why i personally prefer the iphone to the new nexus.  |:) more appropriate.

    i have a nexus and 4s both have good and bad points,  50/50 my personal opinion but time will tell which is more popular, i recently came back from hong kong and i found that people are trading in iphones for profit. not because its a must have phone. but because if you have one you can make a few bucks from buying and selling.  there is a building in Mongkok which sells phone and phone accessories its considered to have the most iphone 4s in hong kong.  even before it was realease in hong kong. 

    draw your own conclusion!  people are buying the iphone but not to use? but to profit from it?

  67. And the photos of the screens, very missleading. I hope Samsung sues you for slander. There is no way that 14ppi makes that kind of difference. One image you can almost count the pixels and the other is near perfect.
    Nice try buy maybe you should be writing about cooking instead of tech stuff you don’t get. Or music, since you have a huge iTunes collection! I mean that lost its street credit when Napster was popular, and everyone had huge collections.

    • Slander? Are you retarded or did you just got to some shitty law school and think you know what youre talking about?

      • Yeah you dumb ass, I know what I’m talking about when it comes to mobile devices, unlike this writer.
        Slander: a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report: aslander against his good name. -Dictionary.com Bioach! To further this Another word used would be defamation:the act of defaming;  false or unjustified injury of the goodreputation of another.
        You Saw, like Kristie Bertucci,  also should just not write, it makes you look dumb! 

    • That’s because that photo is not of either screen ;) it’s simply a comparison that was used around the launch of the iphone 4(not 4s) to show the difference between the old iphone(163ppi) vs the new one(326ppi).

      I also agree this seems very biased :) would anytime prefer the colors and contrast of an amoled screen over the remaining 14 ppi(not to mention an actually usable screen size)

  68. This is a terribly one sided comparison. Lets start with the fact that the sgn will surely be available on all carriers, being that its available in the UK now and on cdma in the us next. Then lets consider that siri is apples answer to google voice search. Which does 80% of what siri does. Short of sending a txt message or setting a Calender event it can do everything else. And lets be honest, the number of mistakes it will make trying to send a quick txt to the wife will be more frustrating then if you just clicked on her contact, clicked txt then said it, as you do with google speach to text. On the cameras… welll the iphone4s’s camera was put to the test and came in third on still shots and fourth in video. The 5mp is pretty good and while I agree that more is better, I’ve seen it with my EVO4G that the software makes way more difference then the hardware. Switching from the stock ROM that always took crappy shots to cm7 which takes phenomena photos. On the storage… got me… Samsung lost to apple trying to play apples game. Most android phones have additional storage, something iPhones never have had. Processor …. well just wait til the Samsung gets oc’d, good chance it will run 1.5 t 1.7ghz. By the way I noticed you didn’t touch on video out. How is the video out feature of yge iPhone. You don’t know? Probably because like every iPhone owner I know, not only gave you never tried but most don’t even know they can plug it into a TV and

    • You are incorrect on one point. I had a very non-technical person show me how his Android (not even ICS) could send text messages by voice (oh, it would also read it back first to him to check accuracy).

  69. This is an unbelievably godawful comparison!!

    I should have stopped reading after seeing that iPhone won the round with a smaller size!   Talk about spinning negatives!  While I can appreciate that some might prefer the smaller size for carrying, I can’t imagine anyone would prefer a smaller size while using the phone! 

    And while the retina display is great, the simple fact is that you need to magnify the letters 1000% to see the difference.  But you can see the blacks and contrasts of the SAMOLED screens on Samsung phones simply pop with your naked eyes.

  70. Kristie have you seen the Nexus’s screen? it is MWAH. I love the iPhone’s screen, but Samsung’s color contrast is just too exquisite to compare..

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