HTC Rezound 4G Android Phone for Verizon Wireless

Amazon is offering an astounding deal for this HTC Rezound 4G Android Phone for Verizon Wireless!

We’ve seen this phone for $200 just last week but now Amazon has undercut their own discount and brings it to you for nearly nothing! The HTC Rezound is one of the most powerful phone’s we’ve seen yet as it includes a blazing fast 1.5Ghz Dual-Core processor and 1024MB of RAM to handle any task you can throw at it. With Android 2.3 Gingerbread you have the most stable mobile platform yet and the HTC Sense interface connects all of your most important applications and friends together on front. Its 4.3-Inch HD display adds to the overall experience of course and so does its 16GBs of internal memory combined with a 16GB SD card for an effective 32GBs of memory right out of the box. Stereo Bluetooth 3.0, GPS Navigation and Wi-Fi connectivity are all possible here as well and as a bonus this phone includes high quality beats headphones in it for a truly great sound experience.

Just a few days ago this phone cost $100s more, now Amazon has it for $0.01 after a 2-year contract signing.  That’s a sick discount that won’t last.