There are a myriad of video chat clients available for both the Mac and PC, but none boast the same audio and video quality as Skype.  Don’t believe us?  Compare for yourself with iChat and you’ll see what we’re talking about.  Skype uses something called P2P technology, which allows them to achieve not only higher quality audio and video, but less interruptions and lag in service.  If you don’t know, P2p tech uses a tiny bit of bandwidth from anyone running the app to make calls.  But the bandwidth used is so minute, anyone running the Skype app is nonethewiser.

However, there is a problem: finding your friends on Skype.  Traditionally speaking you had to know their login name or email address to locate them.  Alternatively, you could enter their full name, but that’s assuming they’ve registered it correctly and made themselves available.  But you can forget about all those hurdles, because Skype is now Facebook integrated.  That means you can connect the Skype app with your Facebook account and see all your friends that are available on Skype.

Once you downloaded, installed the app and connected it to your Facebook account, you’ll be able to chat directly with friends on Facebook from the Skype app.  You can also see your Facebook wall, update your status, like or comment on a friend’s status and of course call their mobile or landlines phones, provided they’re listed on Facebook.

To begin using these features head here and download Skype 5.4, which mind you is in Beta, so expect some changes in the near future and perhaps some minor bugs.

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Christen Costa

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