With the chaos of my last weekend, somehow this one slid unnoticed into my inbox.  Now here at GadgetReview, we’re always ready to help out a worthwhile cause, and in my opinion, the folks at Child’s Play have one of the most worthwhile causes I’ve seen.  In case you don’t know what they do by now (have you been living under a rock?), since 2003 Child’s Play has been working on getting toys and games to hospitals worldwide in order to help out sick children.  My own child was in a Children’s Hospital before, and I know how little they had for him to do there (I mean they had a PlayStation one with two games – both were scratched and couldn’t be played).  It’s this charity that makes the stays kids have to go through end up being bearable.

I’m not one to be a schill for anything that I don’t believe in, so what I’m telling you right now comes from the heart – these guys do an amazing amount of good work.  Not only does giving things to hospitals help out children, but it also helps to stem the tide of people thinking that all gamers are nothing but violent and arrogant assholes.  In 2010, they raised almost $2,300,000 (just over five grand short), and it would be great to see those kind of numbers again.  I hope we can get some kind of fundraising event here to help them out, but in the meantime here’s a list of things you can do on your own:

  • Host your own fundraising event (childsplaycharity.org/events)
  • Buy or donate an item on the Child’s Play Giving Works eBay page
  • Donate directly through PayPal
  • Become a corporate sponsor (and talk to your bosses about this) – email Kristin Lindsay
  • Mail a check to Child’s Play, 123 NW 36th Street Suite 210, Seattle, WA 98107
  • Text the keyword GAMERS to 50555 to make a $5 donation

The annual Child’s Play charity auction will take place on Thursday, Dec. 8th, 2011 at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue.  Tickets can be purchased at www.childsplaycharity.org.   Passes will cost $145 per person and $5,000 for table sponsors.